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Infographic: 5 essential trends to watch in recruiting this year

By Team Ceridian on Sep 29 2014

Recruitment & Talent Management

4 motivation strategies that work best with the millennial generation

By Kelly Allder on Sep 26 2014

While organizations (and HR in particular) always to work towards achieving high levels of employee retention and productivity, it can be variably difficult, depending on the demographics of the particular employees involved. If your staff is made up veteran workers who are comfortable in their positions and have no trouble staying motivated, that’s one thing. more…

Employee Engagement

4 ways to mitigate the problem of employee sick days

By Team Ceridian on Sep 25 2014

No matter how strong your company’s efforts to ensure corporate health and wellness might be, there are always going to be imperfections in the process, and people are inevitably still going to get sick. Flu epidemics happen – so, too, do numerous other minor little health problems that will surely arise over the course of more…

Health & Wellness

With HR technology, usability feeds directly into ROI

By Jayson Saba on Sep 24 2014

When many professionals in 2014 think of the power of transformative technology in HR, they often think of powerful new business intelligence systems with the ability to collect and analyze massive stockpiles of data. They think of comprehensive solutions that are big, complicated and ultimately earth- shattering. There’s merit to that, but there’s also a more…

Human Capital Management, Transformative Technology

Managing employees’ leaves of absence – the dos and dont’s

By Team Ceridian on Sep 23 2014

HR offices will always seek to prop up their companies’ levels of employee retention and productivity – that’s the nature of the job. But from time to time, there will be major events in workers’ lives that make absence unavoidable. Sometimes taking a day or two off does not suffice, and instead an individual needs more…

Human Capital Management

6 key elements of any effective workplace

By sarahill on Sep 22 2014

When HR is doing its job effectively, there should be little doubt – it’s clear when “work works.” Ceridian recently received this unique honor with a 2014 “When Work Works” award, recognizing our effective workplace strategies used to increase business and employee success. The honor was bestowed by the Families and Work Institute and the more…

Employee Engagement

Examining the latest HR technology trends in 2014

By Jayson Saba on Sep 19 2014

With less than a month until the one and only HR Technology Conference and Expo, it behooves us to discuss some of the key trends in — you guessed it — HR technology. These trends are not exactly new, in and of themselves – but even in 2014, innovative changes are coming that are slightly more…

Human Capital Management

The cloud is poised to transform human capital management

By Adrian Grbavac on Sep 17 2014

At the cutting edge of HR, progressive companies are always looking for ways to upgrade their high-tech resources and get ahead of their competitors. This has always been the case – the most forward-thinking businesses are always looking for new ways to mechanize their human capital management procedures. In the 1990s, it was the arrival more…

Human Capital Management

5 management mistakes that could derail your office’s productivity

By Team Ceridian on Sep 17 2014

While some challenges in human resources tend to come and go from week to week, one responsibility that never goes away is that of continually maintaining good levels of employee retention and productivity. You always want to keep your workforce present, engaged and working hard. That isn’t going to change. Unfortunately, though, you’re always walking more…

Employee Engagement

7 tips to help you rock open enrollment this year

By Team Ceridian on Sep 16 2014

The season of open enrollment is upon us, and it is HR’s time to shine. As employees’ main source for health insurance information — and with the changes brought by the Affordable Care Act — open enrollment planning has never been more important. To find out what strategies lead to a successful open enrollment, we more…

Human Capital Management

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