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How Barnes & Noble solved their scheduling challenges with a single HCM solution

StressBy John Orr, Senior Vice President of Retail at Ceridian

Scheduling employee shifts can be a challenge for many organizations – especially large employers such as retailers. When retailers use manual processes or outdated systems for scheduling store associates, they often don’t fully understand nor have visibility to the business implications of their planning and scheduling decisions.  Ceridian customer Barnes & Noble recently shared their success in overcoming this challenge in the webcast “A Tale of Workforce Management: How Barnes & Noble Solved Their Scheduling Challenges.”

With over 649 stores across 50 states, Barnes & Noble faced numerous labor scheduling challenges that are likely familiar to other retailers. These challenges included:

  • Wide range of products and service to train staff to sell and support
  • Multiple operations within an operation (such as quick service cafes)
  • Unique store layouts to appeal to the local community
  • Numerous community events to host and sponsor
  • Balancing service and non-service demands

Their manual workload planning and scheduling process was keeping managers off of the sales floor for more than 40 hours a month!  In addition, the schedules were only accessible within the physical store – not helpful for the enterprise.

Travis Hurst, senior operations analyst at Barnes & Noble, explained that the company needed a tool that would take the guesswork out of labor planning and optimize coverage based on operational targets.  Given the complexity of their offerings and operational needs, their desired solution needed to offer flexibility and enable them to proactively align schedules with budgetary guidelines and anticipated demand.

The Barnes & Noble wish list included an enterprise solution that offered sophisticated labor modeling and workflows while being easy to use. Dayforce HCM was their clear choice. “Ceridian was the only company that didn’t require us to fundamentally change how we plan workload or schedule our staff,” said Travis.

Dayforce HCM technology is designed for intelligent labor forecasting that takes into account the natural ebbs and flows of business, compliance parameters and input from employees helping to produce real-time schedules that are accessible, transparent, predictable, and fair. The result is a more balanced approach that takes the needs of the business and the employees into consideration.

Travis shared that the Dayforce HCM cloud-based application has helped him:

  • Manage the labor complexity of their organization
  • Improve operational efficiencies by streamlining internal processes
  • Engage employees by providing access to real-time scheduling information
  • Ensure government and regulatory compliance

Working with Travis and the Barnes & Noble team has been a true pleasure and partnership with a focus on sharing industry knowledge and innovative technology.  Barnes & Noble’s 28,000 in-store employees appreciate the unintimidating and intuitive interface, ensuring a positive user experience.  Their IT team benefits from the smart SaaS design that minimizes their burden. Since there is a single code base, Barnes & Noble has a tailored solution that doesn’t require costly custom enhancements, streamlines the upgrade processes– and no hardware costs.  Travis summed it up by stating, “Ceridian is educated and honest. Not only do they know their product inside and out, they are extremely knowledgeable about the industries in which their clients operate.”

Watch a recording of the webcast.

John Orr

John Orr is the SVP of Retail at Ceridian. Follow him on Twitter at @John_Orr. 

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