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5 factors behind job satisfaction in today’s work climate

culture fitOne of the most challenging aspects of human capital management is building a work environment in which everyone is engaged and highly motivated to work at a high level. In today’s climate, in which job-hopping is common and everyone is constantly looking for the next opportunity, it can be difficult to keep people engaged constantly.

Fortunately, there’s good news on that front. According to HR Morning, satisfaction in today’s workforce is running fairly high. Tim Gould, editor in chief of What’s Working in Human Resources, told the news source that he drew upon Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) research to draw this conclusion.

“U.S. workers are feeling good about their jobs again,” Gould announced. “So says the latest research from the Society for Human Resource Management in its latest Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Survey.”

Here’s what SHRM found. At the end of 2014, U.S. workers were polled, and a surprisingly high 86 percent of them said they were satisfied with their jobs. This marked an increase of 5 percent over the previous year, putting overall satisfaction at its highest level in over a decade.

It makes you wonder – why? How is this happening? What are employers doing right that’s giving people this newfound sense of satisfaction?

In reality, it could be any of a number of things. Here’s a rundown of five leading factors.

Treating people with respect
SHRM found that the most important way for companies to satisfy their employees is with “respectful treatment of all employees at all levels,” which 72 percent of poll respondents said was very important. This sounds simple but can have an incredibly big impact.

Establishing trust in management
Your organization’s management – CEO, CFO and the like – have a huge say in the direction of your business. Do the employees trust that direction? If not, is there anything that can be done to build that trust? It will absolutely help.

Providing good benefits
Everyone wants more than just a paycheck from work – benefits can be a real difference-maker. This goes beyond simple things like health insurance, as perks like flexible scheduling can make a big difference. Help people truly improve their lives.

Instilling a sense of security
No one wants to go about their work with a feeling of dread because they could lose their job next week. It’s important to make people feel secure in their jobs. They’ll be more likely to stay if they believe they’re really wanted.

Considering people’s ideas
Finally, it’s important to consider a wide range of opinions. Everyone has the potential to give your organization its next great idea, from the CEO down to the bottom of the totem pole. All employees should have a chance for their voice to be heard.

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