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6 insights from Ceridian’s Sara Hill on HCM, women in business and more

Sara HillOur Chief Human Resources Officer, Sara Hill, oversees global HR functions across Ceridian. She’s responsible for enhancing the employee experience, increasing engagement and developing innovative new talent management strategies. As part of Huffington Post’s “Women in Business” series, Laura Dunn spoke with Sara about human capital management, achieving success as a woman in business and much, much more.

Here are a few highlights from Sara’s interview:

On how life experience has made her into the leader she is today:
“My life experience has taught me to differentiate between what really matters and what doesn’t. As a mother, a wife, a business leader, a community member and in so many other roles, I am constantly aware of a multitude of opportunities and challenges. Focus and simplicity are a requirement for being effective in any role.”

On innovation in HR:
“Innovation within the HR industry, especially at Ceridian, has greatly influenced my thinking. Previous experience says, ‘This is how it is done,’ but my recent experience has taught me that we can do things differently, and not always ‘by the book.’ As a result, this drives positive change and innovation. This contrast in thinking has helped me as a leader to set the course and develop new practices and concepts that modernize HR.”

Advice for women looking for a career in HR:
“For anyone looking to start and build on a career in human resources, the first and foremost piece of advice that I can offer is to take the time to gain a solid understanding of how you, in an HR role, can make a strategic contribution that drives the organization’s business objectives. Once you know you want to be in business, it’s critical to drive and impact the business using your line of sight from what you are doing to the end results for the organization.”

On work-life balance:
“Work/life balance is always a delicate dance. The ability to prioritize is a must. The reality is work is part of life. It is not so much work/life balance as it is work/life fit. For personal and professional aspects of life to fit together, I believe that you have to stay true to your life passions. I always aim to define my personal interests and ask myself, ‘How can I play a role in keeping my personal interests and passions alive?’ I believe it is necessary to hold on to all the other pieces that define you as an individual and understand how the personal and the professional worlds are intertwined.”

On the benefits of mentoring: 
“I often call on my mentors and ask them for their input on a situation, whether it be personal or professional, but I don’t necessarily do what they would do. Mentors influence my thinking, but ultimately the decisions I make are a blend of my mentors’ perspectives and my own thoughts and perspectives on the matter at hand.”

On Ceridian’s accomplishments:
“We have a certain way of being at Ceridian. We really care about our customers and employees, we work hard and with diligence, we’re fast and agile and we are a very transparent organization. We have an incredible future before us. I want more people to know what an incredible brand Ceridian has become.”

Read the full Q&A with Sara Hill and Laura Dunn on Huffington Post.

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