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3 tips to help make the move to mobile HCM

mobile HCMFor years now, there’s been a large-scale movement underway as organizations make the transition to more streamlined, high-tech solutions for human capital management. Whereas previously, they were using pen and paper for tracking vital data about their employees, they’ve now begun using robust cloud-based HCM solutions that allow them to access data in real-time.

When making a purchasing decision, companies are looking for HCM technologies that offer the full suite of functionality & compliance capabilities, as well as mobile-enabled platforms. The impact of the mobile revolution cannot be understated, as it is continuing to break down barriers between work and home. Managers want the ability to view their payroll statement from anywhere, while employees want the functionality to make time-off requests on the go. Leaders are listening to what their employees want and understand that mobile HCM has a direct effect on employee engagement.

The mobile revolution is already well underway in HCM. Ten percent of organizations are already using mobile applications for HCM purposes, and in the next 12 to 18 months, that figure is expected to grow and hit 25 percent.

Is your organization ready to embrace the trend? Here are three tips for making the move to an HCM solution with mobile capabilities:

Focus on the user experience
The beauty of using a mobile platform for standard HCM tasks, is that it improves the daily grind for employees. No doubt, they’ll appreciate the flexibility to make time-off requests from home, or view and update assigned tasks while bussing to work in the morning. A good mobile solution also creates a seemless experience from one device to another (whether on a desktop, android or iPad).

Strive for the utmost simplicity
Mobile applications should be intuitive and easy to use, and the functions of the app should be relevant to how employees will actually use it. For example, give employees the ability to review their pay and benefits information, but it’s not necessary to include access to hours-long training course material via the app.

Empower workers to help themselves
With the rise of the “bring your own device” trend in today’s business culture, people like being in control of their technology. A mobile HCM solution like Dayforce Mobile, allows employees to use their own phones and devices to access information. No babysitting required – as long as BYOD guidelines are in place.

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