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4 tips for handling staffing needs during hectic spring and summer months

retail storeBy James Arsenault, Director of Dayforce Product Marketing at Ceridian.

Spring is here and summer is upon us, and employers know that means workforce management is about to become a lot trickier (especially for retail and other businesses with associates on the store floor). It’s an undeniable yearly trend – as the weather gets nicer, and kids start to get time off from school, families tend to go on more vacations, which often leads to a shortage of people available for work. Your organization will need to be ready to adjust.

HR BLR recently touched on this complicated challenge. Laura MacLeod, who works to create a harmonious workplace at The Inside Out Project, explained that while spring and summer can be a lot of fun for individual workers and their families, they can also pose real difficulties for HR.

“Summer is coming and beach weather, picnics, baseball, and family outings await,” MacLeod noted. “After a long, hard winter, we’re all looking forward to sun and fun. But not everyone can take time off. Someone has to mind the store. Staffing and ensuring attendance and performance in the lazy, hazy days of summer is not easy.”

What do you do on July 4 weekend, for example, and no one’s available to cover a shift during top selling hours? This a real problem that numerous organizations face every year. With that in mind, here are four valuable tips for handling the staffing issues that just might arise this year:

Get organized and gather the facts
In preparation for the busy summer, make sure you’re armed with all the necessary information in advance. How many vacation days are people entitled to? How many are they planning to use during the summer – each month, each week? The more you can plan and track in advance, the better prepared you’ll be.

Assess your specific needs
Once you have all the details, you can start to plan. For example, if there’s a particular weekend where you’ll be short on people, you can reach out to other locations to identify part-time or casual employees who may be able to fill the gap.

Communicate effectively with employees
Planning for difficult staffing periods requires strong communication between employees and their managers. It’s important for managers to be direct and honest in these conversations, telling employees exactly what’s expected of them. Everyone should know the rules and policies governing their time off.

Bring everything together in the cloud

A hectic season of constant schedule adjustments requires a modern platform for HCM that is able to account for key schedule information in real time. A solution like Dayforce HCM is able to track employee availability and time off; forecast changes in sales or traffic; match coverage to labor demand; and communicate schedules and timecard information to employees on their mobile devices.

Learn how Dayforce HCM Weekly Planning and Scheduling can maximize your workforce and save your company time and money.

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James ArsenaultJames Arsenault directs the Dayforce Product Marketing group at Ceridian, responsible for understanding and communicating how Dayforce HCM helps organizations empower their employees, improve productivity and increase profitability. Prior to joining Dayforce, James worked in corporate development at StormFisher Biogas (a renewable energy company acquired by a joint venture of GE and AES). James has a degree in Business from the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University. James lives in Toronto and enjoys music, travel, and technology.

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