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4 tips for better handling the employment of part-time contributors

groceryAt just about every organization, HCM professionals are forced to deal with the myriad challenges of workforce management – determining people’s hours, coordinating their shifts and optimizing the schedule so that the staff can operate at its highest levels of efficiency.

This is hard enough when you’re working with a staff of full-time employees. Even when everyone at your place of business puts in the standard 40 hours a week, there are plenty of logistical hurdles to overcome – handling people’s sick days and vacation time, toggling the schedule for those who work earlier or later and so on. With part-time employees, it’s even more challenging to manage the staff.

In today’s economy, companies hire part-time people for any number of reasons. They might be adding additional staff to help them through a particularly busy period. Or, conversely, business might be slowing down, and they might be using part-time personnel instead of more full-time people.

According to Inc. Magazine, there are going to be difficulties either way. Tamara Schweitzer, communications associate at the Social Impact Exchange, told the news source that part-time employee management is sure to bring new logistical challenges.

“When a company’s sales slow down, managers typically seek to keep labor costs in check by limiting or reducing headcount and then relying on part-time workers and freelancers to fill gaps,” Schweitzer noted. “But as businesses add more part-timers to their workforces, they must adapt to changing dynamics in matters ranging from productivity and customer service, to meeting deadlines.”

So what can be done to handle these challenges as they come? These four pieces of advice should prove beneficial for your organization.

Begin with the right job description
You should begin by ensuring that part-time employees know what’s expected of them. By writing an accurate job description from the start – laying out duties, hours and how the individual fits into the team – you can help smooth out the process.

Treat everyone with respect
In some workplaces, there’s an unspoken tendency to treat part-time people like second-class citizens, according to Schweitzer. Avoid this at all costs. The best workplace is one where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, whether they’re there for 10 hours a week or 40.

Pay attention to compliance

There are lots of employment laws governing the way companies employ part-time people. This can get even more confusing when your organization employs people in different states, or even countries. How many hours can you give them? What’s the minimum wage? What taxes do they pay? What benefits do they need? Your HR office is responsible for answering all of these questions and more, so study up. Better yet, use a cloud-based HCM solution that can schedule and pay people while keeping all of these labor rules in mind. 

Use the right HCM technology
Managing part-time employees is a challenge, but it’s much easier if you have the right technology in place. For example, Ceridian’s Dayforce HCM is the ideal solution for giving your managers and employees access to real-time information about business operations, improving pay accuracy and coordinating employee schedules effectively to reduce costs.

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