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4 tips for making the most of new performance management technologies

performance reviewTechnology has already had a profound transformative effect on many things we do in business. We now have cloud solutions for storing our data remotely and accessing it, mobile devices for adding flexibility to our daily routines and elaborate telecommunications solutions that make it easier to keep in touch with colleagues worldwide.

We also have begun to usher in a new era for performance management. Now that tracking and analyzing data on the workforce has become so much easier, it’s a new day in human capital management. Business leaders can quickly and easily assess who is performing at the highest levels and who isn’t. This will help them identify both the individuals who are on the fast track to leadership roles and those who are struggling and may need a little extra help.

According to Blogging4Jobs, automated solutions are beginning to replace legacy methods of evaluating worker performance. Noma Bruton, chief human resources officer at Pacific Mercantile Bank, told the news source that one notable trend has been the movement away from raw statistical measures, instead embracing better employee-manager relationships.

“Replacing traditional performance management processes is a major HR trend,” Bruton explained. “And it’s good to see innovative companies eliminate the numerical rating of people as part of the reengineering. Automating the process is the logical next step. While managers remain the most critical component in effective performance management, technology streamlines the process and gives management the ability to quickly disseminate goals and objectives throughout the organization.”

Is your organization working to usher in new performance management methods? The following are four tips that should help you do it right.

Provide good resources for managers
One primary goal when evaluating worker performance is to help build better relationships between employers and their managers. The best performance management solutions should provide useful information for bosses that will empower them to better meet people’s needs and develop talent.

Measure the most relevant skills
The process should begin with identifying the skills that are most relevant in your line of work. Whether you need employees who are adept with technology, finance, marketing, sales, whatever the case may be, the objective should be to measure the skills that are most relevant. This will give your organization a clearer picture of who truly stands out in their field.

Communicate important findings effectively
Once you do uncover important truths about worker performance, the challenge is to communicate them effectively. Is there a certain area where one employee is struggling and needs to work harder? It might be time to sit them down and explain the truth. The right performance management tool facilitates a continuous conversation between employees and their managers. 

Choose the right solution
We’ve come a long way since the old days of tracking worker performance using pen and paper – we now have solutions that are fast, efficient, dynamic, cloud-based and easy to use. Choosing the best possible product will put your organization in a better position to succeed.

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