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3 ways HR and marketing can work together to fuel growth

By Kristina Cleary, Global Vice President Marketing at Ceridian.

Among many fast growing businesses, there are two key departments that must work hard to support and drive continuous growth – one is HR, and the other is marketing. The HR department strives to build a successful workforce by recruiting good people, training them, and keeping them engaged and motivated. Meanwhile, the marketing team works hard to build a reputation and a market-leading brand to support workforce and revenue growth.

These two departments, while equally important, have traditionally operated as separate entities. But now, agile businesses are discovering a new way of thinking about HR and marketing, and it involves a strategic partnership  between the two, especially in an area like recruiting – where HR and marketing work together to develop an employer brand that is not only attractive to potential candidates, but positions the organization among investors, partners, customers and prospective customers.

So how can your HR and marketing teams partner to fuel growth? Here are three strategies:

Build a stronger team
The first objective of a manager looking to drive organizational growth should be to hire people with fire. Intelligence is becoming a commodity, so it’s imperative to find talented individuals who have the drive, curiosity, creativity and energetic fire needed to propel your business forward. Hiring these types of people requires the right employer brand to attract them. HR and Marketing can partner to differentiate the organization through the employer brand, helping to attract the unique talent you are looking for.

Give a voice to your employees
Let your employees do the talking for you. According to Edelman’s 2013 Trust Barometer, 41% of us believe employees are the most credible source of information regarding their business. Effective leaders of HR and Marketing are collaborating to develop policies and guidelines that enable their employees to get active on social media and showcase themselves as thought leaders. If your organization is looking to create an Employee Ambassador program (particularly one that involves social media policies), HR and marketing need to work side by side on this project.

Add agility to your business
Effective marketing teams always have an ear to the ground, listening for the latest trends and providing original insights on how the business is growing. HR (along with other departments ) need to take advantage of this asset. Use this information to build a plan, map out a calendar and test programs, and be prepared to measure, modify and change direction based on successes and failures. This will create an HR and marketing machine that is agile, flexible and innovative.

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Kristina ClearyKristina Cleary is Global Vice President Marketing at Ceridian. Kristina leads teams focused on Dayforce Product Marketing, Events and Industry Analyst Relations. Follow her on Twitter @KristinaCleary.

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