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5 strategies for ‘closing the deal’ and hiring top-level talent

recruitingToday’s organizations have no shortage of channels to use for recruiting top talent. They’re networking with colleagues to find candidates in schools and on the open market, and they’re using job boards and social media sites to reach out to people and make numerous connections.

As the challenges of recruiting go, making that first connection is the easy part. But of course, making connections is always fairly simple in today’s climate. Chances are, if you’ve found that ideal candidate for your open position, there are a dozen other employers who have found them, too.

The question, then, becomes what you do to transition the candidate from the initial point of contact to the moment they actually sign the contract and come on board to work for you. In sales, this is known as “the sales funnel.” In hiring, they call it “closing the deal.” How do you get that applicant to the point where they’re willing to sign on the dotted line?

According to the LinkedIn Talent Blog, this requires a combination of expertise, effort and luck. Even the best recruiting pitches aren’t always successful, admits recruiting and hiring expert Paul Petrone.

“As any recruiter knows, it takes a lot of effort to get a great prospect interested in a position,” Petrone noted. “From there, it takes some luck to ensure they are going to fit into your organization. So when you finally find that great person, and they are a great fit, there’s nothing more deflating than not being able to close them. How do you avoid that?”

The process is never perfect. No hire is guaranteed. But having said that, the following five strategies can put you in the best position to “close the deal” and hire top-level talent:

Provide a positive interview experience
LinkedIn found that 83 percent of candidates say a negative interview experience can change their mind about a job they once liked. The message is clear – focus on a pleasant and engaging interview! It means the world to the candidate.

Introduce key personnel
In the course of interviewing the candidate, introduce them to the key people in the process. The hiring manager is important because he or she can shed light on how the recruiting process works. Also, ideally, the candidate would be able to meet the CEO and gain a deeper understanding of the company as a whole.

Follow up after the interview
The channels of communication should not close simply because the interview is over. LinkedIn’s research says 94 percent of people want to receive feedback from a potential employer after the interview is over. So keep talking!

Communicate through the right channels
You know you need to communicate, but how? Generally, that depends on what you have to say. Most people prefer to receive a phone call with good news, whereas if you have bad news, an email is likely more preferable.

Remember: Compensation is king
No surprise here. When asked to name the No. 1 factor that they look for when considering a job offer, 49 percent of people said compensation was the one. If you really want to attract top talent, there’s no match for the almighty dollar.

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