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The Stage Ignites at #CeridianINSIGHTS with Industry Expert Josh Bersin & XOXO Customer Award Winners

break-danceFollowing an energetic break-dance group opening, today’s #CeridianINSIGHTS general session included a presentation by Josh Bersin, Founder and Principal of Bersin by Deloitte, as well as an XOXO customer awards presentation.

As Bersin took the stage, he shared five trends impacting the global human capital landscape. Bersin noted, “The world of work has changed, and HR’s job has to adapt to this new world of work.” He adds, “The research shows that HR’s job is more important now in 2015 than it has ever been before.”

As the barriers between work and life dissolve and millennials continue to make up more and more of the workforce, the demand for talent and global transparency in the job market is growing. Bersin says that HR leaders must adapt to this world of transparency and the dynamic desire for careers. In sum, Bersin says HR needs to “Be BOLD!”

5 Leading Global Human Capital Trends for 2015Bersin

Based on his research, Bersin shared the following five global HR trends:

  • Culture and Engagement – This area remains the #1 global talent issue with 50 percent of survey respondents saying the problem is “very important” (up double from 2014). HR and business leaders need to offer meaningful work that offers deep engagement and the right job fit. More importantly, organizations need to view culture and engagement as a business strategy and implement programs that can measure and improve engagement.
  • Leadership – In order to tackle this perennial issue, Bersin recommends that organizations need to view leadership as a philosophical part of the company. It requires continuous investment and commitment from leadership with end-to-end development opportunities and the chance to build mentors everywhere.
  • Learning and development – L&D remains a top priority with continuous learning as the goal. Creating a culture of learning can have huge returns as learning organizations significantly outperform their peers when it comes to innovation, productivity, customer satisfaction, costs, time to market and profitability.
  • Performance management – The new world of work requires a new way of thinking about how organizations manage, evaluate and reward their people. This area will require continued focus as part of HR’s overall mission.
  • Reinventing HR – HR needs an extreme makeover, according to Bersin. Forty percent of HR leaders cited developing HR skills and capabilities as “urgent” and citing the strong need to align HR capabilities with business goals. Bersin notes that bold HR teams who take risks and try new things are eight times more effective than those who don’t.

 XOXO Customer Award Winners

XOXOSVP Howard Tarnoff and the Ceridian XOXO team presented the following four awards to customers who demonstrated excellence in the following categories:

  • Astounding Transformation – Awarded to Lumber Liquidators; their managers gained thousands of hours annually and are now operating virtually paperless.
  • Employee Empowerment & Engagement – Awarded to Kenosha County, Wisconsin for empowering and engaging their 1,200 employees and being a part of the HTML testing group.
  • Peace of Mind Compliance – Awarded to Global Brass and Copper Holdings, Inc. for eliminating payroll outsourcing and reducing costs.
  • Our Way – Awarded to Sendik’s Food Market who has made work life better through implementation and a significant reduction in payroll costs.

In addition, this year was the first “Year-End, Year-Round” award, which was given to organizations that did a tremendous job of maintaining data all year long to help ensure a smoother 2014 year-end. The winners were Sendik’s Food Market and Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley.

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