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13 HCM professionals share the best career advice they have ever received

employee engagementManaging your career is a lifelong process. And, if you are fortunate in life, you will have friends, colleagues and mentors who help you navigate that career with helpful advice. This month, Team Ceridian wanted to share advice that would help our readers better manage their career. To do that, we went straight to the professionals themselves, our customers! We reached out to members of Ceridian’s Customer Success Program, XOXO, and asked them What is the best piece of career advice you have ever received? Read what they had to say:

    • “Always have an open attitude. Even if the road offered is not your plan, be flexible. You may just find that an unexpected turn may lead to vast possibilities.” Valerie Bulata, Specialist, Payroll & Benefits at CST Investor Services Inc.
    • “A wise HR person always told me to always document important conversations, meetings, training etc. You never know when you’ll have to look back and re-learn something or refresh your memory. The advice was the best ever-just don’t tell my wife I said that – she was the HR person!” Mike Kelly, Corporate Payroll Manager at Global Brass and Copper Holdings, Inc.
    • “When you have a problem you can avoid it, skirt around it, go under it, or take it head on and resolve it.” Stan Hopkins, Director of Store Processes at Aeropostale, Inc.
    • “Always go above what you are expected to do.” Maryann Almeida, Payroll System Administrator at VCA
    • “Learn from your mistakes and instead of taking them as a failure, treat them as a learning opportunity.” Drew Davis, HR Systems Specialist at Utah Retirement Systems
    • “The best piece of career advice I have ever received is two fold, remain true to your self and your beliefs but take advantage of the opportunities presented to you. I think we have all been pressured to be some one other than who we are to be part of the group and or get ahead. But that façade is hard to maintain over time and it is much simpler to be your self and people will respect you more for it. In the struggle to stay true to your self sometimes the opportunities around us get lost and so we don’t take them and find ourselves in places we don’t want to be in. We should never stop looking for those opportunities.” Beth Scoble, HRIS Analyst at Trident Seafoods Corporation
    • “Never be afraid to admit you don’t know something but always be willing to learn the ‘something.’” Kevin Lengefeld, Payroll Manager at Neenah Paper
    • “Use the Tasks feature in Microsoft Outlook. It is a great tool for scheduling tasks and, more importantly, having reminders pop up when you need them. It works much better than post-its.” Zev Burger,Payroll Supervisor at B & H Photo & Electronics Corp.
    • “I think the best advice I have ever received was “if you are going to do something, do it well and make sure you have fun doing it otherwise choose a new career”. I have taken this to heart and believe that my work should exceed expectations. I also feel it is important to enjoy what you do.” Donald Coleman, Accounting Technology Manager at Tennessee Health Management
    • “Never write anything in an email that you wouldn’t say in person, or want your mother to see!” Katherine Graumann, Payroll Manager at Consolidated Container Co LLC
    • “I had a Compensation Manager give this advice: Keep track of the big and little accomplishments that you achieve, that way you can reference them when you are writing your self assessment at review time. Do this because no one will “toot” your horn, you will have to do it for yourself.” LeAnn Calhoun, Payroll Manger at Alon USA
    • “Early on in my payroll career my Manager told me that she would never ask me to perform a task she would not perform herself. This advice has served me well. I work alongside my team and we accomplish our objectives together.” Carol Foley, Director of Payroll at Lutheran Social Services of Illinois
    • “Always make sure to check your numbers multiple times and present them in the simplest way possible.” Evan Cohen,Retail Operations Director at Michael Kors (Usa) Inc

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