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5 strategies for building a truly exceptional company culture

culture fitAt all places of business, large and small, there’s a growing understanding of the HR office’s role – at all times, they should be working to increase employee retention and productivity. A productive workforce is the lifeblood of a successful company. If your employees are willing to stay in their positions and work hard, your business is far more likely to make money.

The trick is that building a productive staff is a lot more difficult than simply throwing big paychecks and bonuses at your employees.

Engagement is not something that can be bought – instead, it must be earned through dedication and hard work.

According to, company culture is the key to a successful business. Kelly Vo, owner and CEO of Kevo Writing, says that if you invest time into building an exceptional¬†culture, you’re bound to see the benefits.

Vo cited a study from Columbia University which found a clear correlation between culture and productivity. Companies with outstanding culture, the university found, outperform other businesses by 202 percent. The impact is also noticeable in the hiring process – companies with poor culture have a sky-high turnover rate of 48 percent, which means a lot of time and money sunk into recruiting. At companies with exceptional culture, that figure is just 13.9 percent.

Vo says that to build an exceptional culture, the first step is simply to show more respect for employees. This alone can have a major impact.

“You can achieve a great company culture if management trusts and respects all of its employees,” Vo explained. “Every worker from the lowest rank to the top should feel responsible for their duties and trusted to accomplish their tasks.”

Of course, that alone probably won’t be enough. The following are five more strategies from Vo that can help your business build a truly exceptional¬†company culture:

Add excitement to the atmosphere
If an office is just an office – a place to show up for work each day, complete tasks and go home – people will become disengaged quickly. But if you can add little twists to make the workplace more exciting, that should help. Even little things like free snacks in the break room are great.

Set the egos aside
The workplace is a more engaging place if no one employee has an ego that’s out of control. The focus should be on helping the collective achieve together, not on any one individual, so make sure those egos are checked at the door.

Encourage life beyond work
If employees have more going on in their lives than just work – families, hobbies, you name it – that should be encouraged, not stifled. Work-life balance is an important part of life.

Invite creativity and expression
Perhaps some employees like to explore deep, creative endeavors like writing stories or crafting art projects. Great managers should encourage these activities. A creative mind is more likely to be an engaged, productive mind.

Work hard on team-building
A team of 10 people will always achieve more together than 10 individuals simply working separately. Managers and corporate leadership should work hard to promote teamwork and help the workplace find success through collaboration.

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