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5 strategies for ramping up employee productivity at your office

employee engagementAt organizations around the world, there are numerous HR leaders realizing the value of investing in employee retention and productivity. It’s well worth it – productivity is money, after all. If you’re willing to invest time and funding into keeping your valued employees around and pushing them to maximize their productivity, your company will ultimately be more profitable.

It’s tough to make people more productive on a daily basis, though. Most employees feel stressed with the tasks they have on their plates already, and engagement is also fairly low at many places of business. The answer, therefore, probably isn’t to pile more work onto people’s desks and drive them to the brink of insanity.

According to, there is no solution for flagging productivity that will work for everyone. It depends on the specific strengths and weaknesses of your people and the way they do work. Eric Bloom, president of IT leadership development startup Manager Mechanics, told the news source that any number of potential strategies might be effective.

“When it comes to organizational productivity, there is no silver bullet or one-size-fits-all solution,” Bloom explained. “As a result, the pursuit of enhanced efficiency is truly a combination of art, science, trial and error, and ongoing continuous innovative improvement. That said, there are definable operational categories that can help you identify the productivity activities that will help drive your team’s performance.”

Bloom suggests mixing your own “productivity cocktail” at your place of business – a combination of strategies designed to maximize the productivity of your employees. Just like everyone has a different favorite drink at a cocktail party, every company has its own secret formula for a productive staff.

The following are five tactics from Bloom that might play into your strategy:

Delegating work effectively
If you’re in a management role, a big part of your job is delegating tasks to other employees. It’s important to be smart about playing to people’s strengths – for example, don’t have someone with poor people skills doing customer service.

Making communication more efficient
A lot of offices have numerous ways for people to keep in touch – phone, email, chat applications and so on. One way to increase productivity is to communicate only as much as necessary, not wasting time with lengthy emails or phone calls.

Storing and transferring knowledge
Your company has a lot of accumulated knowledge, ranging from how to handle certain challenging work tasks to what your customers are like. All of this information should be shared with the rest of the workforce. A productive company is one that disseminates useful knowledge to everyone efficiently.

Teaching time management skills
Some employees struggle with managing their time effectively – they dedicate too many hours to some simple tasks and not enough to others that require more attention. It might be beneficial to work with employees on using their time in a more prudent manner.

Making the most of meetings
For some people, meetings eat up a big chunk of the day. Are they worth the time investment? It really depends. One way to improve productivity is to make sure every meeting is useful to the people present – and if one isn’t, find a way to streamline the process.

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