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10 HR professionals share work-life balance hacks

work life balanceRaise your hand if you have ever worked through your lunch hour, or responded to an email while sitting down at the dinner table. If you’re like most working people out there, then I’m sure you have. In these modern times when our smart phones don’t turn off and we can work from virtually anywhere, the elusive work-life balance is harder to find then ever.  At Ceridian, we know that achieving that balance is part of our employees’ overall wellness, so we asked our customers to share their tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Read what they had to say:

“I plan early in the year and schedule vacation days throughout the year. Then, I am more likely to take time off to relax, refresh, and reenergize. If it’s not on my calendar, time just gets away from me and the priorities of the day or week keep me exhausted.”

  • Katrina Fountain, Director of Total Rewards at Trident Seafoods Corporation

“I make sure to keep my work at the workplace and not let it intrude on my time at home. The environment at home is much better when it doesn’t interfere with work and vice versa.”

  • Leor Joudai, Compensation & Benefits at B & H Photo

“I maintain a healthy life balance by spending time with my family when it is family time. I typically “unplug” on weekends, as that is the time I dedicate to me and my family.”

  • Sherrice Gilcreast, Chief Administrative Officer at Community Care, Inc.

“I enjoy engaging with our employees by saying ‘Hello – how is your day going?’ Or sometimes it is a simple wave down the hallway to a colleague. It brings a smile not only to me, but the person on the receiving end.”

  • Kimberly Stephens, Human Resources Generalist at CPP FCI USA, LLC

“I take a break from my desk by walking around the office greeting my 200+ co-workers that happen to be at their desk when I come through. It gives both me and my coworker a break from our work and it definitely gives me a chance to walk around to stretch my legs.”

  • Belinda Ellerbe, HR Coordinator at Europ Assistance USA

“At least 3 times a week I strive to get outside on my lunch break to take a brisk walk. Sometimes it is a push to step away, but I come back reenergized and ready for the afternoon ahead.”

  • Janice Preston, Payroll & Benefit Specialist at D2L Corporation

“Even during a hectic day, I have to take 10 or 15 minutes to do something that will recharge my batteries. I may read a gossip magazine, go for a walk, or listen to music. You have to make a little time for your simple joys.”

  • Amanda Barger, Payroll Specialist at Dinsmore & Shohl LLP

“I make getting outside at lunch a priority…either to get lunch or take a walk in the neighborhood with work friends. I also try to meet new people at work and include them in my circle of friends. It’s like a treasure hunt to find people with new and different interests.”

  • Debby Cox, Business Analyst at Trident Seafoods Corporation

“I make sure I book a meeting with just myself at least once a day. I take at least 30 minutes every day just for me. This can be completing a workout, a massage, a bath, anything.”

  • Joanna Woo, HR Programs and Data Specialist at D2L Corporation

“A few of us at work play some games during breaks and we find it helps clear our heads and gets us out from behind our desks. Also, maintaining an active life style after work on weekends is important to me, so I play several sports and go to the gym.”

  • Nitin Sondhi, HR Operations Analyst at Acco Brands Canada, Inc.

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