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6 exciting perks that can enhance your company’s next recruiting pitch

employee perksWhen HR professionals dive headfirst into the world of recruiting, usually one of the first strategic tools they rely upon is money. Simply put, the more compensation you can offer a candidate, the more competitive you’ll be.

This has always been the case. But lately, people’s opinions of what makes an enticing job have evolved quite a bit. Money still matters, but it’s not the only factor. Candidates today have a more sophisticated approach to finding the best possible job offer.

In addition to paychecks, they’re also considering company culture, employee brand and opportunities for learning and advancement. In addition, they’re placing a growing amount of emphasis on perks.

What are perks? The definition is tough to pin down, exactly. There’s a wide range of possible interpretations. Really, a perk might be anything that’s given to an employee that’s aside from the paycheck itself. It might be something small, like a free cup of coffee in the break room, or it might be something bigger, like a catered company holiday party on a yacht.

In any event, it’s clear that perks are valuable. Jobvite recently polled today’s job applicants on the importance of perks when considering a job offer, and the results were pretty convincing – 25.2 percent said that perks were “very important,” 31.2 percent said “moderately important” and 33.8 percent said “somewhat important.” Only 9.8 percent said perks were “not important” to them when considering a job.

So we know for a fact that among the vast, vast majority of the job candidates you’re wooing, perks are a key factor to consider. But which ones, exactly? That’s the question. According to Jobvite, the following are six work perks that today’s candidates are often looking for:

A casual dress code
Today’s employees want to trade in the ties and jackets for something a little more laid-back. Relaxing the dress code is one way to win the favor of the modern worker.

More flexible working hours
The old “9 to 5” routine is losing its appeal. Some people prefer to work earlier, while others trend later. Companies that allow both will be more popular in the near future.

Mentoring or development programs
No one wants to stagnate in their career – they want to be constantly adding new skills. That’s why opportunities for learning are a key perk that your company should offer.

Free food, catered meals
There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Except, of course, if you have a really great employer. According to the Jobvite survey, 12.6% of employers offer free food or catered lunches, and 19.4% want this perk at their organization!

Free gym memberships
Of course, you need to balance all that catered food with some exercise if you want to keep employees healthy. That’s why gym memberships are equally popular. Give your employees a good place to work out, and they’ll be happier, healthier and more productive.

Fun recreational activities
Finally, employees also want a way to unwind and have fun when they’re not working. If you offer your staff a ping-pong table or a video game system, that can work wonders for increasing their happiness on a daily basis.

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