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4 ways to turn corporate health and wellness into a competitive advantage

wellness 6For a long time now, a majority of companies across North America have made corporate health and wellness a fundamental part of their HR plans. They’ve looked out for the health of their employees in various ways, including weight loss, smoking cessation, physical fitness and even other aspects of wellness that extend beyond the physical.

“There are specific, tangible good reasons for making wellness a key area of focus.”

Often, they’ve continued with their wellness initiatives without even stopping to ask why they’re doing it. The prevailing mentality in HR today is that focusing on wellness is “the thing to do,” and it’s common to follow along without really questioning it.

But here’s the reality – there are specific, tangible good reasons for making wellness a key area of focus. It’s good business. The right way to look at wellness is to treat it as an investment – even when it costs money to begin new health initiatives and hire additional staff to run them, those expenses should pay for themselves in the long run.

They should even help give your business a competitive advantage.

According to The Huffington Post, the companies that invest the most in wellness are the ones who can expect to get a leg up on their competition. No matter what industry you’re in – whether you sell a product, offer a service or anything else – you need to worry about where your talent stands in relation to your competitors’. Alan Kohll, a certified race director and coach with USA Triathlon, told HuffPo that wellness is a key way to get ahead.

“Wellness programs, when done right, are just all-around good for you and your company,” Kohll explained. “Aside from meeting excellent company goals, a wellness program can help you to attract talented employees, maintain a positive image and keep up with your PR strategy. These things will help you differentiate yourself from your competition and keep the cycle of good business turning.”

The competition is always a factor in business.
The competition is always a factor in business.

The following is a closer look at the four specific ways wellness will help you beat the competition:

Superior production on a daily basis
First and foremost, your goal should be to outdo the competition by producing superior work every day. If your staff is healthy, this is far easier to do. When employees sleep well, eat right and exercise, they’re in the best possible place to be productive.

A way to attract new talent
You want the best possible talent in your office, and here’s the thing – when candidates are considering job offers, a good wellness package is absolutely a factor. You offer better health benefits, you get better people.

Crafting a stronger employer brand
Part of your responsibility in HR is to manage not just your staff, but the image of your company. Wellness can help – if you establish your employer as one that cares about people’s health, that will only mean good things.

Uncovering a new PR opportunity
The optics of wellness are undeniably positive. If you hold group workouts or community picnics to promote a healthier way of life, it will be great PR for your company. This will only help in your efforts to look better than the competition.

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