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How recruiting challenges compound during the holidays – and what you can do about it

retailWhen you’re working in human capital management, you need to keep one eye focused on recruiting at all times – finding talented people to keep your business well staffed is vital. But it’s especially important during the busier seasons of the year – and for most companies (especially retail), that means the end of the calendar year as the holiday season approaches.

What are your company’s staffing plans for the holidays? If your retail company is like most, you’re probably getting ready to add an extra employee or three. But beware – because everyone else has the same plans, the marketplace for talented employees is about to get very competitive.

In other words, you might need to step up your game.

Holiday employment holding steady in 2015
Every year, there’s a measurable increase in hiring activity right before the holidays, and the experts say to expect the same in 2015. According to Staffing Industry Analysts, hiring plans this year will be fairly similar to the levels they reached a year ago.

A new survey from Snagajob revealed that 82 percent of hiring managers plan to hire seasonal workers in December 2015, which is right around the same level as December 2014. In addition, 65 percent specified that their hiring plans largely center around using online job boards, and 67 percent said they will probably rehire the same seasonal people they used last year.

Peter Harrison, chief executive officer of Snagajob, told the news source that because companies are so active in recruiting this time of year, the climate will be fiercely competitive.

“To compete in this tough labor market, employers are having to make hard decisions around raising wages to attract talent,” Harrison said. “Our survey results around wages suggest that they are not quite ready to commit to this. In fact, many employers are instead highlighting their company culture and opportunity for growth within the organization as selling points to attract workers.”

If you work in recruiting, it’s time to think critically about what your next move will be.

How should your HR office respond?
To successfully navigate this difficult hiring season, here are a few tips to help you get by, courtesy of

  • Start early. You don’t want to be the last recruiter on the market fighting for whatever scraps of talent remain. If you start planning in October for the staffing needs you’ll have in December, you’re likely to do much better.
  • Update your job listings. It might be a mistake just to copy and paste the same jobs you posted a year ago. How has your company changed in the last 12 months, and how have candidate’s expectations evolved?
  • Invest in the right recruitment sources. If there’s a certain type of employee you’re looking for, then go after them with the right channel. This might mean recruiting on a certain job board or going to a particular college campus. Be creative.
  • Consider investing in an HCM solution. A single solution for HCM makes season hiring easier, as one tool makes it easier for your organization to recruiting, pay and manage your employees. I

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