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4 tips for successfully ushering in new HCM technology at your office

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When it comes to human capital management, the best and brightest organizations out there are regularly introducing new technologies that make HCM tasks smoother and more efficient. You name it – whether it’s tracking hours and productivity, processing payroll, administering benefits or anything else that helps your office run, technology can help.

Smart employers today are introducing cloud solutions, mobile applications and other innovations that help employees and their managers track data from any location, using just about any device. This adds flexibility to everyone’s daily routine, helping them get work done faster.

The hard part is getting a new technology effort off the ground. When you introduce new solutions for improving HR functions, you should obviously have your HR staff leading the way, but that’s just the start. If you really want your change management process to be effective, you should have everyone on board. That includes HR, top corporate executives, middle managers and low-level employees.

This can be difficult because not everyone’s willing to accept change. Even if it’s ultimately a change for the better, getting people to set aside their old HR solutions and embrace new ones can be a pain. And sadly, many companies exert only minimal effort on this front – they roll out a new solution, they explain it in a quick email and they call it a day.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, it’s important to do more than that. Jennifer Baker, organizational development and change management consulting lead at Aon Hewitt, told the news source that ushering in new technology requires going the extra mile.

“Change management isn’t about sending an e-mail [and] saying, ‘I’ve built awareness.’ Nowadays, employees don’t want you to send them an email. They want the email at point of action. They’re looking for in-the-moment help.”

If you really want to get your employees on board with new technology, you’ll have to make an effort. Here are five ways to do it from Aon Hewitt. 

Secure the necessary funding
Introducing new technology won’t be successful unless you have buy-in from the c-suite, but even more important than that, make sure that your end-users and those doing the implementation are on board before you make the investment. 

Get the timing right
If you roll out new solutions in the middle of a busy season, while employees are swamped with their regular work responsibilities, it might not be received well. Be considerate with the timing of your initiatives and your emails. Don’t just send out a few emails to announce the new technology, and then wait until implementation to communication with employees again. 

Improve communication among all stakeholders
Everyone involved with the new technology, from the top of the corporate hierarchy to the bottom, should be in constant communication about how to make the project a success. Don’t leave anyone in the dark. Create learning materials that are easy to use and understand, 

Understand the full impact
How will your employees be affected by new technology on a daily basis? Be ready to take feedback from employees, measure the results and make any changes to your company’s HR tech plans if necessary.

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