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5 tips for celebrating National Flex Day at your place of business


By Sara Hill, Chief Human Resources Officer at Ceridian.

HCM these days has been overtaken by a new, positive trend – a widespread strong desire for flexibility among employees everywhere. No one wants to be a locked into the “traditional 9-to-5 workday” way of life. Rather, they want to have the autonomy to work with greater flexibility and independence (how, when and where).

This might sound scary to HCM professionals who have been accustomed to one way of doing business for many years, but if it helps maximize employees’ engagement and their productivity, and studies prove that it does, then it is something to consider. In fact, once a year, we celebrate it. Today is National Flex Day, which is a key part of October’s National Work and Family Month. The idea is to encourage employers and employees to unite behind the need for more flexibility in the workplace.

At Ceridian, we are proud supporters of National Flex Day, which is sponsored annually by Working Mother Media. Every National Flex Day, we promote the power of flexible work arrangements, from flextime and telework to flexible work weeks and career flexibility.

Workplace flexibility already is a pervasive and powerful approach, and has even more potential for the future. If you’d like your organization to be part of this movement as well, below are five valuable tips for celebrating National Flex Day at your organization:

Restore employee engagement today
It’s becoming tougher for companies to prop up employee engagement, with higher costs for benefits and a competitive recruiting landscape. The way to win people’s favor without a big budget is with flexible work options – flex time, telework, special summer hours and Fridays off, for example.

Focus on retention too
A great way to help your organization save money is to focus on retaining employees. So consider this – according to survey data from Softchoice, 74 percent of North American employees are willing to quit their jobs and find another position that allows them to work remotely more often. Flexibility wins people over.

Standardize practices and policies
Train all of your managers well, and make sure they all have an equally strong understanding of how to manage a flexible staff. One weak link breaks the chain, so every manager needs to be strong in this area.

Consider different generations’ needs
Different groups of employees have different needs when it comes to flexibility. A baby boomer with an elderly parent might need a different schedule than a younger worker who’s a new parent. Try to be accommodating to everyone.

Pay extra special attention to caregivers
According to a new Ceridian study, caregivers need your help especially. Those who are balancing the challenges of their jobs and their relatives’ health are facing a lot of stress on a daily basis – flexible work can help them combat it.

How will your organization celebrate National Flex Day?

Sara HillSara Hill is the Chief Human Resources Officer for Ceridian. Sara has responsibility for enhancing the employee experience, increasing employee engagement, and developing people and talent management strategies to bring Ceridian to the next level. Follow her on Twitter @SaraHillHR. 

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