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5 real ways to show appreciation for your employees

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By Karen Huss, VP of Corporate Relations, Ceridian.

Mother Teresa once said, “There is more hunger in the world for love and appreciation than for bread.” Visit almost any workplace and you’ll find this rings true. Employees want to be acknowledged for their achievements. If an employee feels appreciated, they are more productive and engaged.

When we talk about appreciation, what do we mean? Appreciation isn’t necessarily about more money or a fancy trip – it’s really about letting employees know you care about them, know they are working hard and want them to succeed. Luckily, there are a number of ways to show employees you care.

At Ceridian, we have our own “Top 5” list. Each month, we ask employees a question about working at Ceridian. The survey is done in a fun, open and casual manner which helps drive participation. Last month, we asked employees to tell us the Top 5 ways Ceridian appreciates their employees. We received a record number of responses – and some might surprise you. For example, no one cited money as a motivating factor or how they most feel appreciated. Responses ranged from things like providing the latest technology to making employees feel comfortable and motivated. Looking over the responses, it’s clear that little things go a long way. One employee stated that having company leaders stop by to say hello informally with genuine interest really made her feel appreciated.

After reading through all the responses from Ceridian employees (quoted below), the top 5 answers are all things your organization can do to show employees you appreciate them:

  • Be transparent – Employees want to know what’s happening. Ceridian employees love that our executive team is transparent. “Leadership does a great job sharing information regarding initiatives, the state of the business and more.  Being in the know helps employee feel valued, respected and appreciated.” Ceridian uses various channels to spread the word, including regular “Town Hall” meetings, global All Hands meetings, electronic communications and more.
  • Give where you live – Giving back to the local community is good for everyone – the community benefits and your company will benefit. Nothing feels better than helping others – when employees are inspired, great things happen. Ceridian supports charitable giving and “allows employees to donate their time by encouraging group participation in local charities, like Habitat for Humanity.” Every employee receives a paid Volunteer Day where they can give back to local communities by providing much needed resources or time.
  • Flexibility counts – Every employee is balancing work and a personal life. Employees want to do their best and they feel even more motivated when they realize you understand they have a life outside of work. Ceridian prides itself on “Being open to flexible work schedule and remote work locations,” making employees feel valued, committed and more productive.
  • Develop talent – Help your employees reach their fullest potential by providing career counseling and training. Ceridian is committed to “promoting employee development through a dedicated Career Path Program and “Learn@Work” trainings and seminars.”  When an employee is motivated to take the time to prepare for future opportunities, they are more knowledgeable and have more confidence – leading to a more successful career.
  • Have fun – There’s lots of work to be done but be sure you leave time for some fun. Having fun together builds better teams and reduces stress. Ceridian takes fun seriously – through our Fun@Work program, with a Fun@Work Coordinator in every location, employees have the chance to get together for barbeques, races, game days and other events to relax and unwind. “At times work is so busy and stressful – but with Fun@Work events, it makes it all worthwhile and you realize you work with some really great people.”

Showing appreciation for employees can be relatively easy and, in many cases, inexpensive. The most important thing is actually taking the time to do something . As John Fitzgerald Kennedy said, “ As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.”

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Karen Huss Karen Huss is Vice President of Corporate Relations at Ceridian. Follow her on Twitter @KarenHuss.

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