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3 ways to create a company culture that everyone wants to be a part of

company cultureIn essence, human capital management is really all about building a vibrant office environment. You want to foster a place to work where everyone fits in – where people are engaged in their positions, passionate about their work and always willing to work hard and be productive.

So how do you do this? According to numerous experts, your efforts should begin by creating a strong company culture. You want to have a workplace that people miss when they aren’t in the office. 

Mary Ellen Duga, vice president of global marketing at Indeed, explains how you can make this happen. Duga shined a spotlight on a key statistic that everyone in HCM should know – per survey data, about 45 percent of employees say that they miss their co-workers or aspects of their jobs when they’re out of the office. In other words, these people suffer from FOMO – fear of missing out. They don’t want to lose any opportunities to be around their colleagues or work projects.

Duga claims that this FOMO is sign of a great company culture. If your people don’t want to miss anything, it must be because they really love their jobs.

“As colleagues become friends, the lines between work and personal time begin to blur,” Duga said. “Employees see the workplace as a more engaging atmosphere than ever before, and some of them enjoy their company culture so much that they can’t stand to be away from it.”

Does this sound like the kind of office you want for your company? If so, read on. Duga shares three ideas for creating a company culture that every employee will want to be a part of.

Allowing employees greater autonomy
No one likes having their workday micromanaged from beginning to end. If you step back and give people room to breathe, they’ll definitely appreciate it. Google, for example, gives employees 20 percent of their work time to focus on personal passion projects. They do that because they trust their employees to be productive on their own.

Focusing continually on engagement
Employees are always more productive when they’re engaged. That’s because they’re happier, more focused and more willing to work. So are engagement levels consistently high at your company? No? Get feedback from your employees and get to the bottom of this. If engagement is down, take every suggested action to drive it back up.

Create opportunities for advancement
Many career-minded individuals don’t like being stuck in the same positions year after year – they want to advance. So create some opportunities for them to do so! Make sure there are plenty of management positions on your staff that are available to internal promotions. This will give your people an incentive to work harder and reach the next level.

Do you have FOMO when you’re not in the workplace? Tell us why!

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