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What Customer Focus Means to Me #CeridianCXDay

#CeridianCXDay - Howard Tarnoff

By Howard Tarnoff, SVP of Customer Success, Ceridian

For more than three decades I’ve been on all sides of the business equation: selling, managing, marketing and more. I have always understood the value of customers, believing businesses cannot grow and thrive without them. We have entered a new phase in which social media and the ease of communication between customers, prospects, business employees and more have literally changed the game. Today, for businesses who want to grow and thrive, customer focus is not just important, it’s paramount.

How Times Have Changed

In the not too distant past, finding information on companies, customer, products and services was much more difficult than it is today. At no time is the difference more apparent than when we consumers go about acquiring anything; a car, bike, or more germane to this blog – a business product or solution. Less than ten years ago it was not only difficult for consumers to share information, it was difficult to find someone who used the product or service in which you were interested and could share their perspectives about it. Company and product content was available on the Internet, but it was controlled by marketing and sales, who understandably tried to put their best foot forward.

Fast forward to the new world of social media products and platforms, where you can find answers to many of your questions from the comfort of your kitchen table, sipping your morning coffee, looking at your phone. In addition to the company promoted information available on web sites, you can also easily find a community of consumers who have used a particular product or service – your peers. You can read about their perspectives on the company and its products, and you can – if interested in particular aspects of that product – ask specific questions about it. Companies that recognize this new paradigm understand the importance of customer focus and have begun to take advantage of it in a way that is mutually beneficial to everyone; the business, consumers and prospects alike.

Companies Must Embrace Customer Focus

Many companies have not understood how to embrace customer focus. By ‘embrace’ I mean bring it front and center, make it part of your stated values, reach out to your customers and provide them with a platform and a process to share their ideas, perspectives, feedback and viewpoint. In fact, create a customer focus team with the budget and mandate needed to support your customers’ voices and showcase them as thought leaders in their industry.

It is a new day in the world of business, one in which companies must make customer focus the number one concern of all issues and opportunities the companies face. It has never been easier to hear their voices. There is a big new bold task every business must now undertake; focus on your customers and embrace them. Your success is equal to the sum total of your customers’ successes.

Today, Ceridian will be celebrating our customer love with our first ever Global CX Day! Customers will be onsite at all major Ceridian offices, presenting to employees about what Customer Focus means to them. Make sure to follow the hashtag #CeridianCXDay on Twitter for coverage.

Learn more about Customer Focus and the other values that make up Our Way. 

Howard TarnoffHoward Tarnoff is Senior Vice President, Customer Success for Ceridian, responsible for launching and overseeing the Award Winning Customer Success Program “XOXO” and other initiatives. With over 30 years of HCM experience, Howard is a highly sought after thought leader in the industry, especially for his insightful trend analysis. His deep domain expertise across multiple verticals, leadership experience and deep understanding of the HCM industry make him an invaluable asset to Ceridian. Follow him on Twitter @htarnoff.

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