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4 perks and programs you’ll find at a Great Place to Work®

GPTWBy Sara Hill, Chief Human Resources Officer at Ceridian.

Human capital management is an adventurous, wide-ranging endeavor. No two days are the same. You’re always tackling new challenges as you seek to manage your organization’s talent effectively. Sometimes, you’re focused on logistical challenges such as processing the payroll accurately, while at other times, your priority is to examine a far more abstract concept, like employee engagement.

Ultimately, though, your goal is the same at all times. In the end, you’re just trying to create a great place to work.

Incidentally, Ceridian was just honored as such. The Great Place To Work Institute revealed the results of it’s workplace review by Ceridian employees, and we are proud to announce Ceridian’s official designation as a Great Place to Work®. This honor was based on the results of 897 employee surveys, and across the board, workers had overwhelmingly positive things to say about their experiences at Ceridian.

Among the employees polled, 92 percent said they tackle “great challenges” at Ceridian, and 93 percent noted the “great atmosphere.” Perhaps most impressively, 95 percent say they take “great pride” in their jobs at Ceridian.

So how did we create a place that employees are proud to call their employer? Below is a look at four programs that have helped make Ceridian a great place to work. What’s their value in general, and what have they done for Ceridian specifically? Read on.

Making work fun again
Employees want to belong to a culture where people enjoy coming into work every day. Anything your company can do to make this happen is a net positive. Ceridian created an employee-run Fun@work program for this purpose – it’s a program designed to engage employees by encouraging them to build strong communities and have fun at work.

Creating work/life balance
Balance between work and life helps reduce stress and make people happier – but you need to offer the right benefits to make this happen. At Ceridian, our work/life benefits include our LifeWorks Employee Assistance Program, flexible work arrangements, adoption assistance, annual dependent daycare matching up to $500 and more.

Utilizing online recognition programs
One way to motivate high-quality work is to introduce online recognition programs where employees can reward each other for a job well done. You also want to share those recognitions with the whole organization, as this builds a culture of celebration and support. Ceridian does this and we continue to look at new and innovative ways to use technology to support recognition efforts.

Doing the little things
Not every perk that you offer your employees has to cost a lot of money. Employees appreciate even the little things that you have to offer, such as free coffee and tea in the kitchen or the privilege of wearing jeans to work. Every small gesture you can make will help you build a happy, engaged workplace.

The full results of the Review, including an overview of Ceridian’s recognition, Fun@Work and Work/Life Benefits programs, can be viewed here.

Sara HillSara Hill is the Chief Human Resources Officer for Ceridian. Sara has responsibility for enhancing the employee experience, increasing employee engagement, and developing people and talent management strategies to bring Ceridian to the next level. Follow her on Twitter @SaraHillHR. 

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