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5 things we’re grateful for this Thanksgiving

ThanksgivingBy Karen Huss, VP of Internal Communications at Ceridian

What are you grateful for? Thanksgiving is a time of reflection and gratitude. As we get ready for Thanksgiving and spending time with loved ones, let’s also take a moment to reflect and give thanks.  Being surrounded by loved ones and family and having good health often top the “thankful for” list, and for good reason. Being thankful doesn’t have to be exclusive to home life – your organization can make the cut as well.

If your organization is continuously looking to make improvements and further engage employees, you’re on the right track. For example, we ask employees a question about working at Ceridian each month. Based on the answers, we then compile a “Top 5” list. For the month of November, we asked “What is the best way Ceridian makes you thankful for being a Ceridian employee.” It may come as a surprise, but the answers were about much more than receiving a paycheck. While getting paid is important, employees are looking for more to keep them satisfied and thankful.

After reading through our employees’ comments (quoted below), there are steps you can take to ensure your organization is more than just a job:

1 .Teamwork  – Having co-workers they can rely on, learn from and have fun with is invaluable. By far, Ceridian employees cited their co-workers as something they were incredibly grateful for: “The #1 reason I’m thankful for being an employee is because of the people I work with. Ceridian has always had GREAT people!” Happy employees leads to happy customers and co-workers who “are willing to help and share information and ideas” really make the job easier and allow for collaboration and having the “best interest of our customers and organization in mind.”

2. Making a difference – No matter what position they are in, employees want to contribute to a company’s success and to their local communities.  Employees are thankful for contributing to a higher goal. They want to know their position is valued and helping in some way. “Ceridian allows me to make a difference – to have a positive impact on my role and the role of others.” Being able to “bring ideas, suggestions and process improvements to make life easier” for co-workers helps an employee truly feel like they are part of the team. However, employees also want to work for a company who is socially responsible. Ceridian has been a long time supporter of various charities and has even created their own charity in Canada and the UK. Employees feel more invested when “we are able to make a difference in people’s lives and we are impacting the community where we all live in a positive way.”

3. Empowerment – Employees are your biggest asset. They have the skills and resources to take initiative and make decisions that will positively impact your bottom line, so let them. “I am so proud and thankful to be part of a team where employees are empowered to contribute their ideas to make Ceridian a great place to work! I come into work each day grateful that I’m a part of this incredible team!” Employees also want to know they are empowered to make decisions about their own career. “Lots of opportunities” and a culture that feels like a “home away from home” keep employees more engaged and satisfied.

4. Leadership – Having strong leaders with vision who listen to their employees contributes to higher satisfaction and helps a company grow. Being transparent in communications, clearly stating goals and working towards them together improves productivity and boosts morale. “The leadership makes me thankful for being a Ceridian employee. I know the direction they are steering the ship is in the best interest of the company and our customers.” It’s also important to hear the voice of your employees. “Senior leadership is open to feedback and responsive to employees, helping to remove roadblocks when issues arise.” Employees are in the trenches, so to speak, and working with your customers every day. A leader who listens can “positively affect the employee culture.” Harness their thoughts and ideas and you’ll likely see employee engagement and customer satisfaction scores rise.

5. Worth – Employees want to feel valued and trusted. Being invested in a company and knowing the feeling is reciprocated is a powerful motivator that leads to  a greater sense of fulfillment and higher employee and customer retention rates. “I am thankful for being a Ceridian employee because they truly value me as an employee. The company lives and breathes their values.” Employees who understand their significance and know they are trusted will strive for both personal and organizational success, creating lasting value for your company.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, show your employees you are thankful for them. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Cultivate the habit of being grateful” – it will lead to many things, including employees who are thankful to be a part of your organization.


By Karen Huss, VP of Internal Communications at Ceridian. Follow her on Twitter @KarenHuss.

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