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Evaluating a cloud HCM vendor? 5 factors to consider

cloud computingBy Jayson Saba, VP of Strategy and Industry Relations at Ceridian.

“Human Capital Management professionals are increasingly asked to take companies into cloud (SaaS) HCM technology,” says Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research. “The benefits of cloud technology in HCM are undeniable; however buyers need to know the company and the technology in order to make the right choice for their organization.”

Ceridian recently had the pleasure of hosting a webcast where Mark Smith and Aleksandra Boruk, Compensation & HRIS Project Manager at HM.CLAUSE, discussed these benefits, as well as best practices for evaluating and selecting a cloud HCM application.

During this webcast, Aleksandra shared HM.CLAUSE’s HCM story. HM.Clause is a company dedicated to innovative and sustainable development of the highest quality of vegetable seeds. They’re represented in 30 countries by over 2,000 employees, and their people are passionate about what they do. The one catch is that over the years, they have had some headaches with managing them all.

With their previous tools for HCM, they were experiencing numerous challenges including double and even triple data entry, as well as poor data quality, reliability, synchronization, reporting and visibility. They were also concerned about the scalability of their systems, or lack thereof, and how that might affect future growth.

For all of these reasons, HM.Clause had a clear objective. They wanted to implement a comprehensive, integrated, flexible HCM system that was able to support their continued growth.

For HM.Clause, that system needed the following features:

  • One data entry point, one user experience and zero interfaces
  • A traditional implementation approach, plus flexibility and customizability after implementation
  • An innovative, cutting-edge system with an intuitive and user-friendly interface

With Ceridian’s Dayforce HCM, HM.CLAUSE found all of these things and more. Using Dayforce, they were able to make a dramatic shift from transactional to strategic data-driven HR. They centralized their data, streamlined processes and brought integrity back to payroll data reporting.

Are you looking to do the same? Because you can. During the webcast, Aleksandra shared 5 key factors to consider in your buyer’s journey, and I wanted to share them with you:

Define your requirements
Begin by identifying the scope of your payroll and HR needs. What are your requirements now, and how might they change in the future? Look for a solution that’s a good fit for your company’s logistical requirements.

Allocate your resources
Make sure that you have all the resources you need to implement a new system. This includes the money to purchase it, the tech talent to get it up and running and the time to train people. All are essential.

Vet your vendors
You want to work with an HCM solution vendor that’s well equipped to tackle whatever issues your organization is facing. Vet your candidates thoroughly – take your time and ask them all the right questions.

Locate the necessary features
What features do you need from your HCM solution? Make sure you can get them. When you see something useful in a product demo, ensure that you can find and use it instead of just talking about it.

Find a true business partner
Finally, you want your HCM solution provider to be a true partner for your business. You want someone who will work together with you, not just sell you a product. Settle for nothing less.

Watch a recording of the webcast: Choose the Right Cloud. Best Practices for Evaluating HCM Technology

Jayson Saba

Jayson Saba is VP of Strategy and Industry Relations at Ceridian. Prior to Ceridian, Jayson was an analyst at Aberdeen Group’s Human Capital Management practice.  As the lead analyst for Core HR, Workforce Management, and Outsourcing, Jayson published over 100 research papers and reports about technology and best practices.  Jayson is a frequent contributor to industry and trade magazines including HR Executive, PayTech, HROToday, Workforce Management, Talent Management, CIO and The Economist. He regularly presents at HR conferences and trade shows.  Follow him on Twitter @JaysonSaba. 

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