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4 ways to recruit top talent for your organization using unique perks

employee perksBy Howard Tarnoff, SVP of Customer Success, Ceridian

One of your primary responsibilities as an employer is to make sure your employees are happy at all times. Different companies do this in different ways – for some, the approach is to give people the biggest possible salary, while others focus on more intangible elements like creating an exceptional corporate culture. In either event, keeping people happy is essential, both in recruiting and as a way of maintaining employee engagement.

For this reason, it’s crucial to dig deep and find out what exactly motivates people in your organization. There’s no perfect formula for this, but studies have shown that offering employees unique benefits and perks can be a great way to both recruit and retain. For example, Jobvite recently polled current job applicants on the importance of perks when considering an offer, and the results were pretty convincing – 25.2 percent said that perks were “very important,” 31.2 percent said “moderately important” and 33.8 percent said “somewhat important.” Only 9.8 percent said perks were “not important” to them.

So we know that perks are important. But which ones? To help tackle this question, we at Ceridian reached out to members of our Customer Success Program, XOXO, and asked what their organizations are offering. Here are four strategies we uncovered:

Start from the beginning
Both employee and employer should get a chance to assess how an employee fits into the organization. Here’s an idea from Gennifer Lendahl-Gonzales, HR manager at Associated Students, Inc. Sacramento State:

“We use a hiring committee that allows the candidate to interact with different levels of our organization so that not only we, the employer can determine a good fit but so the applicant can see who we are as well,” Lendahl-Gonzales said.

Help them develop their careers
It’s also imperative to help your employees develop beyond their current positions. One way to do this is to support education. That’s the approach of Wendy Austin Lett, senior payroll administrator at SSI Group, Inc.:

“One of our unique benefits that SSI Group offers is tuition reimbursement,” Lett said. “We pay 50 percent of tuition cost upon enrollment of an approved course, and then we pay 50 percent of tuition cost based on satisfactory letter or grades of A or B.”

Meanwhile, offering travel opportunities can help with development as well, notes Debby Cox, business analyst at Trident Seafoods Corporation.

“Members of our team often have opportunities to work in remote areas of Alaska where wildlife and beautiful countryside abound,” Cox said. “If you are a seafood lover, we have great product pricing for employees.”

Provide them with a wellness resource
Employees are deeply appreciative when you offer them resources to help with wellness. Heather Walker, a health promotion manager, gave one idea on how to do so:

“Our company offers an 8-visit EAP benefit model at not cost to employee,” Walker said.

Give perks unique to your business
Lastly, think about your business, what types of people want to work for you and what types of perks those people might like. Find original, creative ideas for perks – like Angie Poulsen, manager of HR at First Credit Union.

“We offer preferred mortgage rates to our employees and management team,” Poulsen said. “This provides a significant financial benefit to our employees.”

Our Dayforce HCM solution provides another unique benefit for our customers by giving employees real-time visibility and control of their work life anytime and anywhere!

Howard TarnoffHoward Tarnoff is Senior Vice President, Customer Success for Ceridian, responsible for launching and overseeing the Award Winning Customer Success Program “XOXO” and other initiatives. With over 30 years of HCM experience, Howard is a highly sought after thought leader in the industry, especially for his insightful trend analysis. His deep domain expertise across multiple verticals, leadership experience and deep understanding of the HCM industry make him an invaluable asset to Ceridian. Follow him on Twitter @htarnoff.


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