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“Leverage your village” and 4 other tips to survive holiday stress


By Kristina Cleary, SVP Global Marketing, Dayforce HCM

Yes, December is really here. And for some reason this year I am finding the days are speeding by at a faster pace with more responsibilities and tasks than ever before. So, as we approach the holiday season I find my heartrate increasing with the anticipation of additional seasonal holiday activities on top of “regular life!”

I started thinking about how to best keep my balance during what seems to be the busiest year yet.  Here are some tips to consider using;

  1. Don’t eat the entire elephant – bite size chunks are easier to swallow

A recent keynote speaker I saw reminded the audience to only bite off what you can chew. This is true at all times of the year, but even more so during the holidays. Don’t over commit! Understand what is manageable and realistic this season.  Make a list of commitments and “to do’s” and prioritize. Stick to those priorities; everything else can wait or be scheduled for another time of year.

  1. Forego Holiday Cards

The best advice I was given during a previous holiday season scramble, was to forego holiday cards and pick another time of year to send a greeting. For me that turned into an annual Valentine’s Day card.  Not only does this mitigate your holiday card being missed amongst hundreds of others, but your card in the off season becomes an unexpected act of happiness when others least expect it!

  1. Identify and leverage your village

Yes it “takes a village.” And even more so when the holiday season approaches. Tis’ the season to take your network of villagers up on their offers of assistance and help. We’re all in this together, folks! Say YES to those who are offering to give you their time and effort; and be sure to thank them appropriately in return. It’s a win-win!

  1. Schedule time for your “outlet”

Outlet? Yes your outlet. Whether it be a butt-kicking workout, meditation, a quiet walk or reading a book; ensure you schedule that much needed downtime to help you take a time out and regroup.

  1. Give more of yourself, and less stuff

Finally, reduce the gift-giving pressure.  I know I would much rather receive time with my colleagues, friends and family over any tangible item. If we all scaled back on the gift giving and focused more on spending time together, and donating our times to help others, there would be less worry, less stress, and more fun to be had.  For my family this year, I proposed no gifts (except for those under 10). And guess what? Everyone was relieved! More hugs, more time, less stuff.  Who’s in?

Kristina ClearyKristina Cleary is Senior Vice President of Marketing, Dayforce HCM at Ceridian. Kristina leads teams focused on Dayforce Product Marketing, Events and Industry Analyst Relations. Follow her on Twitter @KristinaCleary.

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