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4 tips for making the most of new performance management technologies

By Team Ceridian on May 29 2015

Technology has already had a profound transformative effect on many things we do in business. We now have cloud solutions for storing our data remotely and accessing it, mobile devices for adding flexibility to our daily routines and elaborate telecommunications solutions that make it easier to keep in touch with colleagues worldwide. We also have more…

Recruitment & Talent Management

4 tips for better handling the employment of part-time contributors

By Team Ceridian on May 28 2015

At just about every organization, HCM professionals are forced to deal with the myriad challenges of workforce management – determining people’s hours, coordinating their shifts and optimizing the schedule so that the staff can operate at its highest levels of efficiency. This is hard enough when you’re working with a staff of full-time employees. Even when more…

Human Capital Management

5 ways to recognize and address depression in the workplace #MHMonth2015

By Team Ceridian on May 28 2015

HR professionals should always make it a priority to emphasize corporate health and wellness – after all, a healthy workforce is an engaged and productive workforce. Unfortunately, some aspects of wellness have proven far more difficult to enforce than others. One of the most difficult problems to address is depression. Part of the problem is more…

Health & Wellness

4 tips for handling staffing needs during hectic spring and summer months

By Team Ceridian on May 27 2015

By James Arsenault, Director of Dayforce Product Marketing at Ceridian. Spring is here and summer is upon us, and employers know that means workforce management is about to become a lot trickier (especially for retail and other businesses with associates on the store floor). It’s an undeniable yearly trend – as the weather gets nicer, and more…

Human Capital Management

5 ways to encourage collaboration between Generations X and Y

By Team Ceridian on May 26 2015

A great deal of the conversation in human capital management these days concerns the ongoing movement of generations through the American workforce. There are two undeniable trends happening in the present day – one, the baby boomer generation is gradually moving into retirement, and two, millennials are entering the office in full force. For many organizations, more…

Employee Engagement

3 tips to help make the move to mobile HCM

By Team Ceridian on May 26 2015

For years now, there’s been a large-scale movement underway as organizations make the transition to more streamlined, high-tech solutions for human capital management. Whereas previously, they were using pen and paper for tracking vital data about their employees, they’ve now begun using robust cloud-based HCM solutions that allow them to access data in real-time. When more…

Human Capital Management

Examining the cost of low employee engagement, and how to fix the problem

By Team Ceridian on May 22 2015

The basics of how to build a profitable business are well understood – if you can put together a talented workforce and ensure employee retention and productivity, you’ll be in a good position. But this is easier said than done. Even if your staff is loaded with good people, you also have to make sure more…

Employee Engagement

4 benefits you can get out of upgrading your HR technology

By Team Ceridian on May 21 2015

Believe it or not, in 2015, there are still a great many companies out there using primitive, disjointed processes for taking care of their human capital management needs. They’re trying to log people’s hours, process their paychecks, administer their benefits and even look after people’s health and wellness, but most of these tasks are handle separately, more…

HR Compliance, Human Capital Management

6 insights from Ceridian’s Sara Hill on HCM, women in business and more

By Team Ceridian on May 21 2015

Our Chief Human Resources Officer, Sara Hill, oversees global HR functions across Ceridian. She’s responsible for enhancing the employee experience, increasing engagement and developing innovative new talent management strategies. As part of Huffington Post’s “Women in Business” series, Laura Dunn spoke with Sara about human capital management, achieving success as a woman in business and more…

Human Capital Management

Unpaid Interns: Is the Risk Worth the Reward?

By howardtarnoff on May 20 2015

By Howard Tarnoff, Senior Vice President, Ceridian. What do MGM, Armani, Fox Entertainment and Tommy Hilfiger USA have in common? They have all made use of unpaid interns and they have all been hit with unpaid intern class action law suits. In fact, many companies in the entertainment and fashion industries make use of interns more…

HR Compliance

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