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5 ways to claim ownership of your company’s employee engagement

employee engagementJust about everyone who works in HCM understands the importance of maximizing employee retention and productivity. Your people are your greatest asset in business, and the best companies look to get a strong return on their staffing investments. They work hard to keep their employees around, keep them focused and push them to achieve. To do this, though, you need strong levels of employee engagement.

According to Triple Pundit, now is the time for companies to seize accountability for employee engagement. Daryl Horney, co-founder and senior advisor at SMART Leadership Consulting, told the news source that companies are capable of doing more.

“Employee engagement is a hot topic and a workplace platform that will only increase in importance,” Horney predicted. “Companies that already implement employee engagement programs and strategies are reaping the benefits, and it is showing in their bottom line. They are creating new customers, becoming more innovative and have a satisfied workforce that is going beyond the call of duty.”

So how can we take control of the engagement factor? How can we take the ball out of the employees’ court and call the shots for ourselves?

Here goes. The following are five ways you can claim ownership of your company’s employee engagement.

Build an employee brand through transparency
People are more likely to be passionate about their employers if they’re given a clear, transparent view of what the company is all about and what their values are. So share this information as much as possible, and don’t hold back.

Use technology to promote individualization
As HR technology improves, companies are finding an important use for it – allowing employees to explore their individual passions. From employee recognition to career development to checking their work schedule, there are all sorts of ways technology can help engage the workforce.

Strengthen internal communication and dialogue
People will be more likely to work hard for an employer that cares about them as a person, not just as a 9-to-5 work robot. If managers and HR leaders are willing to engage in conversation with employees regularly and keep their spirits up, that should help considerably.

Seek out professional engagement help
Horney noted that it’s not smart to attempt to fix your own sink – he once tried it, and the leak got worse, eventually costing him $1,000 instead of the original $150. Employee engagement might be the same way – if you’re worried you can’t fix the problem on your own, it might be time to enlist some professional help.

Build trust over the long haul
Employee engagement is all about trust – people are more willing to work dutifully for an employer they know and trust completely. You can’t develop this sentiment overnight, though. Work hard for months and months to build that trust with each employee, and eventually your company can get where it needs to go.

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