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5 skills that top-notch managers bring to the business

social recruitingIf you look behind the curtain at just about any of the most successful businesses in recent memory, you’re likely to find the same thing – top-notch leaders. According to HR Morning, one reliable way to measure the effectiveness of your company’s management styles is to benchmark them against what’s worked for the most successful business of the 21st century – Facebook. Christian Schappel, managing editor of What’s New in Benefits and Compensation, told the news source that the social media behemoth has worked hard to find the best strategies for making managers successful.

“The approach it took to finding out what its best managers were made of was rather simple, and it can provide a road map of how to do the same in your organization,” Schappel explained. “Or, simpler still, you could just steal Facebook’s results and look for these traits in your next managerial candidates. They seem rather universal.”

Schappel went through and studied the entire Facebook workforce of 12,000-plus. He asked people – what teams under your roof are the most engaged? Who is happiest in their roles? What managerial behaviors make your bosses so great to work for?

He uncovered a few universal truths. The following are five skills that top leaders display:

Desire to be a leader
Some people are more comfortable being employees, following someone else’s lead, than assuming the reins of leadership themselves. First and foremost, does your company have managers who actually want to manage?

A passion for teaching
It’s not enough merely to continue the status quo and keep people working at the same levels. The best leaders are driven by a desire to see their employees learn new skills and get better.

Ability to set goals
What do you want your employees to have accomplished a week from now? A month? A year? Managers who set clear answers to these questions are more likely to keep employees engaged and focused on the task at hand.

Clear communication skills
Managers should be able to get through to and communicate with everyone on the payroll, not just one or two favorite employees. Maintaining open lines of dialogue is important for making sure everyone is thriving in their roles.

Willingness to give credit – and demand accountability
Leadership is about recognizing little successes and giving people the credit when things go right. Conversely, you also need to hold people accountable when things take a downturn. Good managers bring the right balance of both to the table.

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