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5 things HCM pros should try this Time Management Month

time clock businessAt the end of the day, your long-term goal in human capital management is the same as everyone else’s – you want to engage your employees to help them achieve at a high level. There is one constraint that’s holding everyone back, though – it’s called time. Quite simply, there are only 24 hours in a day. Our time is our most valuable commodity because it’s scarce and we can’t buy any more of it. Every minute of the workday that you waste is a minute you’re never getting back.

What you can do, however, is learn to manage your time as efficiently as possible. Eliminate those wasted minutes, for both yourself and your employees, and get everyone back on track to productivity.

It’s never a bad time to prioritize using your time better, but February is an especially good opportunity, as this happens to be Time Management Month. Now’s the time to examine your time management skills, identify any weaknesses and improve upon them.

According to Business 2 Community, time management is what separates the best workers from the rest. Joel Roberts, an account manager on Seavus’ Project Viewer, emphasized this point.

“Whether you’re a CEO or the janitor, everyone gets the same amount of time in a day – 24 hours,” Roberts noted. “What often separates top performers from less effective individuals is how we spend that time. Finding ways to better manage time, such as using a mind mapping software for better planning, will help you advance your career and better organize your life.”

The following are five ideas for how you and your employees can improve this Time Management Month:

Identify short- and long-term goals
Managing your time effectively is a matter of addressing both your short-term goals and your long-term ones. Knock out a few quick and easy tasks each day, but also chip away at bigger projects that demand more attention.

Stave off perfectionism
A perfectionist attitude can be your worst enemy at work. If you spend too much time obsessing over one specific detail of one project, you can wind up wasting the day away instead of moving on to the next thing.

Make technology your friend, not your enemy
Technology is great – it helps us work more quickly and efficiently than ever. Technology is also terrible – there’s nothing more distracting than mobile apps, social media sites and texting conversations. Try to focus on the good side of technology more than the bad.

Maintain your work-life balance
Everyone wants to get as much done as possible, but that shouldn’t come at the expense of your personal life. Once the day is over, it’s over. Don’t let work bleed into your nights, weekends or holidays.

Reward yourself for good work
When you have a really efficient day and get a lot done, you want to give yourself a reward that will incentivize you to keep it up. So take an enjoyable 30-minute break, or allow yourself something really good to eat or drink. Give yourself a reason to keep working hard tomorrow.

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