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5 elements of a top-notch corporate culture

employee culture“Culture” is a vague term. While no one can pinpoint exactly what it means, everyone knows it’s important, and they know the symptoms when they see them. A culturally rich organization is one where people are happy to come in to work each day and they eagerly communicate and collaborate. How do you build such a business?

According to Business 2 Community, forging a new culture is hard work, but important work. Dan Schawbel, partner and research director at executive development firm Future Workplace, told the news source that culture requires continued effort on the part of HR.

“A great company culture can help a company recruit the best candidates as well as improve productivity,” Schawbel argued. “Therefore, entrepreneurs and small business owners should start building their company culture from day one. What do you understand when you think about company culture? Office game rooms, free snacks or casual Fridays? There are much more important elements that must be in place for a strong company culture.”

So what are they? The following is a list of five things that go into building a top-notch corporate culture.

A clear organizational vision
Employees will be more committed to a company if they know what it stands for. Establish your organization’s goals, both over the short term and long, so people know what they’re working toward.

Well delineated roles and responsibilities
It’s easier to work each day if you know exactly what your role is. Do away with vague terms like “assistant” and “coordinator” – give people specific jobs and teach them how to ace their work every day.

Recognition for good work
When people thrive in their positions, their good work should not go unnoticed. Call out your high-performing employees and give them the praise they deserve! It will help strengthen your culture.

Strong communication at every level
No one should be left in the dark about how the company is evolving and how their role might change over time. Keep your people abreast of every new development with clear communication.

A pleasant office environment
Do your best to make your office hospitable – keep the noise level down and the positive energy flowing, for starters. This way, people will come in each day feeling comfortable and ready to work.

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