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3 ways to reduce workplace stress

stress 9Workforce management can ultimately suffer if high stress jobs begin to have an adverse effect on productivity and morale. This is why, if you work in the HCM space, it is helpful to identify stress reduction activities, both for yourself and your staff members.

Stress can have a negative impact on performance, and as a result, it is important that HR leaders both engage in and promote activities that can reduce it. It is alright to feel overwhelmed at work, everyone does at some point. But it is important to counter that feeling and find ways to center yourself.

Workplace stress is so common that an American Psychological Association study estimated that it costs businesses up to $300 billion annually. Not only is it in your staff members’ best interests to promote stress reduction, it is also good for the company’s bottom line.

Luckily, there are numerous proven ways to do this. From employee self service adjustments such as flexible scheduling to workshops on healthy lifestyles, employers can do plenty to make sure their staff members avoid too much workplace stress. Below are a few examples of stress reduction measures and activities that HCM professionals can implement in their offices:

Avoid burdening employees with unrealistic goals
When your staff members are straddled with unrealistic tasks, they are more likely to feel their stress levels go through the roof. It is important to help employees find a healthy balance between ambition and attainability. Essentially, this comes down to flexibility in terms of employee goals, which leads us too…

Flexible benefits beget work-life balance
Benefits such as flexible scheduling and work-from-home policies can help staff members improve work-life balance and, subsequently, keep their stress under control. These benefits empower your employees to decide when they want to work, rather than forcing them to adhere to a certain schedule. This allows them to more easily take care of tasks outside of work, without sacrificing productivity.

Savor a little bit of stress
While feeling overwhelmed is bad, a little bit of stress can actually be a good thing as long as it doesn’t snowball out of control. What is the proper way to deal with stress? One way is to replace the bad habits people sometimes develop in stressful times – smoking, eating junk food, etc. – with healthier ones such as exercise or meditation. It can also help to introduce employees to the concept of stress as a good thing.

Researchers at Yale University found that educating people on the potential benefits of stress can easily alter their mindset on the feeling. Show staff members that stress can be turned into a tool if approached the right way.

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