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Moving to the cloud? Spring clean your data first!

springWhat does spring cleaning look like for your HR department? How much attention do you give to your HR data and processes that may have become outdated over time?

The need for an in-depth HR cleaning may become evident as your company prepares for a move to the cloud. Cloud technology is heralded for its ability to transform HR operations, but to lead this change your department must first evaluate the relevancy of your current data and processes.

Why Move to the Cloud?


While familiar, licensed HCM solutions often lead to inefficiencies, wasted money and lost time. Software as a Service (SaaS), on the other hand, runs in the Cloud and offers you an HR tool that is scalable, flexible and able to be continually upgraded. When asked about the benefits of the cloud, professionals surveyed in a PwC 2014 HR Technology Survey listed the following advantages:

  • Greater agility
  • Increased innovation
  • Potential cost savings
  • Greater workforce mobility

One of the first steps to embracing the cloud is preparing your HR data and processes for the transition.

“Even the best technologies, like Ceridian Dayforce HCM, can’t be effective with unorganized, unclear or unreliable data. HR departments must ensure that the information they input is as good as the SaaS technology they purchase. At Ceridian, we help customers ensure that their data is an asset, not a liability, to new cloud technology,” said Lee An Schommer, Ceridian vice president.

3 Tips to Simplify Your Move to the Cloud

While the tools used for your HR data clean-up may not include a mop and broom, the end goal is the same. You want to eliminate clutter, clean your information and organize your data. Read on for tips on how to simplify your move to the cloud.

Tip #1: Don’t Sweep the Transition under the Rug
Before you start the tactical elements of transitioning to the cloud, you must first document your strategy. Share your project plan with stakeholders of all levels, from executives to end users, and discuss the changes the new technology will bring.

Engaging employees and managers in the transition to the cloud is essential to the success of your technology move. In its 2014 HR Technology Survey Report, PwC recommends that organizations emphasize how the cloud will simplify employees’ jobs and help the organization operate more effectively.

Tip #2: Wipe the Dust from Your HR Processes
Over the years, your organization may have become dependent on the customized processes allowed by your legacy HCM solution. The arrival of the cloud will force your stakeholders to let go of these customized operations, which may be difficult for leaders in the organization.

According to those surveyed in the PwC Technology survey, the top challenges of moving to the cloud include:

  1. Leaders not being fully prepared for the process changes required by the new technology.
  2. The organization’s willingness to give up customizations and embrace the SaaS mindset.

Updating your technology modernizes your organization and allows it to take a fresh look at its existing business processes. Help your stakeholders see this change as an opportunity to improve your processes.

Tip #3: Embrace the Benefits of Scrubbing your Data
Once you modify your HR processes, you are ready to clean up the data you will use in these operations. However, you can’t expect great things from your cloud technology if you don’t give it great data.

To ensure your data is valid and useful, be sure to:

  • Identify items that are no longer relevant or necessary to your day-to-day operations. (e.g. data from an old acquisition or a prior HR/Payroll system)
  • Scrub your data by running historical reports to ensure it functions properly
  • Consolidate old or inactive job codes, divisions, departments, etc.

The Right Preparation

Moving to the cloud will be incredibly beneficial for your organization, but the transition requires a lot of time, planning and effort. Proper planning and preparation can make the difference between an effective cloud migration and a logistical nightmare.

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