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4 steps to better time management for HCM pros

time clock businessFor human capital management professionals, the question of how they divvy up their time is important. With so many issues to address each day, efficient scheduling is crucial.

There are two ways that better control of your daily schedule can influence your workdays, according to Entrepreneur. First of all, a better managed day means a more productive day. For each minute you free up by getting a better handle on your schedule, you’ll be able to do an extra minute’s worth of work. Improved time management also has a positive psychological effect. Better time management means less stress, and that can substantially improve your mood and productivity on a daily basis.

So, feeling better and doing more are the symptoms of a better-managed schedule. That’s a tough deal to pass up, but how exactly does an HCM professional improve his or her ability to manage their time?

Tune out the distractions
Everyone has to deal with various distractions throughout the work day, but to better manage your time you’ll have to learn to tune them out, Inc. explained. Be ready to distinguish between what is necessary and what isn’t, and prepare to politely turn away the tasks that count as distractions. The ability to determine what should be addressed immediately and what can wait is essential to better time management.

Don’t pass on delegation
The best leaders are able to delegate effectively, Entrepreneur noted. For example, simply because a task isn’t important enough to address immediately doesn’t mean it should be pushed back into next week. Being able to delegate important, but not immediately necessary, responsibilities to others can help with freeing up valuable time.

Stick to your goals
Not only should you schedule each day, you should also establish sets of goals, Inc. suggested. A well-planned day isn’t nearly as valuable if you don’t accomplish anything tangible. A series of goals will ensure that your improved time management is put to good use.

Set aside time for doing nothing
The concepts of maximizing your daily productivity and taking breaks may seem at odds with each other, but they actually go hand in hand. The Draugiem Group, a social networking company, found that for every 52 minutes of work people should take a 17-minute break, according to Entrepreneur. Sticking with this sort of schedule will help you make sure you avoid productivity drawbacks due to fatigue.

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