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4 ways your organization can find top talent like an NFL team

NFLFinding great talent is the key to success in business. No matter how hard you work at engagement and retention, it’s hard to get anywhere unless you have skilled people on your team. This is true whether you’re running a large retail organization, a midsized business or… say, a football team.

According to TLNT, if you’re looking for proof of the value of great recruiting, one of the best places to look is the National Football League. Kevin Walters, principal recruiter at Commvault, told the news source that this was plainly evident in the most recent Super Bowl – the two teams, the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos, both made it as far as they did because they drafted well. The two top picks from the 2010 draft, Cam Newton to Carolina at No. 1 and Von Miller to Denver at No. 2, were the right picks, and they led their teams all the way to the promised land.

“One of the keys to having a balanced team in the NFL is the ability to acquire the right talent,” Walters explained. “The role of discovering potential superstars that can help the team make it to the Super Bowl belongs to the NFL scouts. In our industry, our version of an NFL scout is called a sourcer.”

Just as great talent sourcing is invaluable in the NFL, it can work for your organization as well. Below are four tips for transforming your organization into one that finds top talent just like an NFL team:

Look for talent everywhere
If you’re scouting for an NFL team, you’re not limited to just the players in your backyard. Rather, you’re sending people all over America, checking out players at every college and university you can find. Your business can recruit the same way, without limits.

Keep detailed records on sourcing
If you check out a football team’s war room on draft day, they’ve got a massive board with lists of prospects they’re considering, and everything is impeccably organized. Likewise, your business should keep records on everyone you’re recruiting so you always have the relevant information you need.

Don’t shy away from data
Across the sporting world over the last decade-plus, teams are focusing more on using analytics to help them make decisions (a la Moneyball) and draft the best of the best. Would you make a  hiring choice without all the data?

Never stop scouting
NFL teams don’t just look for talent two weeks before the draft. No, they’re working year-round, endlessly watching players and digging up intel everywhere they can find it. This is a great philosophy for everyone. Always be looking for talent, even if there’s no immediate need. You never know what you might find.

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