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4 ways leadership can invest in top talent

talent officeHuman capital management professionals everywhere are attempting to build a culture of talented employees, and the best way to do that is to invest in them. What most employees want is for their supervisors to see something in them and make an effort to develop that potential. Training programs, for example, help employees maximize their talents for their own benefit, and to the advantage of the company. The problem is, not enough leaders actually invest in their talent.

In fact, though the vast majority of executives believe they have to develop their top talent, research shows only half would “‘invest innovation efforts’ in leadership development or employee performance training,” Inc. reported. The disconnect between acknowledgement of talent investment and the actual decision to do so is stark. Employee development is a crucial component of building a better culture, and can have a positive impact on productivity and work satisfaction.

There are a number of ways to invest in talent that are relatively simple and affordable, and can help the best employees flourish:

Know what they want
To properly develop talent, it is important to understand what employees want out of their careers, according to Inc. It’s difficult to guide people to an unknown destination. Work to align the goals of your top talent with those of the company. This can create loyalty to the organization through an appreciation of its positive culture.

Inject value into work
People want to work toward important goals, Inc. explained. There’s more to a career than benefits and a salary. Creating meaningful work opportunities for top talent will ensure they invest more in their daily responsibilities. This could help employees have a bigger say in the company. If given a crack at areas of the organization in need of improvement, they may hit upon solutions that others hadn’t considered.

Keep good company
Talent is amplified by proximate talent. One of the best things organizations can do to develop their employees is invest in other skilled workers. This is about developing a team that can collaborate efficiently to come up with ideas that improve the company. Targeting this sort of talent begins with advertising open positions and continues through the interview and hiring processes.

Connect with employees
Your top talent is hoping to connect with leadership as much as with coworkers, Inc. explained. They will appreciate frequent opportunities to communicate with management. Exchanging ideas with these individuals and developing relationships with them will bolster their loyalty to the company and give them chances to make their thoughts known. Leaders who appreciate the best of their employees should work with them to bring out their best.

This sort of investment in talent will build the culture organizations strive for and prime them as a destination of choice for top talent.

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