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3 programs that will help your organization drive culture #PulseOfTalent

company cultureBy Lisa Sterling, Chief People Officer, Ceridian

A great culture is driven by a number of different elements: leadership, collaboration and employee engagement to name just a few. As the world of work rapidly evolves, employers are investing more and more into HR programs that aim to drive their company culture by putting their values on display for staff and ensuring employees are invested in the company.

A fundamental component of a great culture is access to learning and development opportunities. Training, education, experience and development are the building blocks to a better company. Hiring has been kicking up in recent years, and with the competition for job candidates fierce as it is, it will be training and development that puts employers in the position to pick up top talent. Programs that offer employees opportunities to learn imply a path to promotion and greater responsibility. When candidates see them, they see a chance to become better at their jobs, gain more responsibility and accountability and develop as both employees and people.

Respondents to Ceridian’s annual “Pulse of Talent” survey agreed. Of the individuals surveyed, 43 percent chose leadership development as a top culture-driving program, 54 percent agreed on employee recognition and 63 percent went with training. People want to learn and become better at what they do, and they expect their employers to help them. HCM professionals who desire to build better culture in the workplace should look into these sorts of programs.

Leadership development
These programs go deeper than culture, they address a key issue that has been bubbling beneath the surface – a leadership shortage. A Bersin survey of more than 775 organizations found that 53 percent of the companies are dealing with leadership shortages. The best way to solve that problem is to invest in identifying current and future leaders and to provide them with the development they need to be effective leaders. Beyond that, though, these programs are a culture-building investment in one of your most valuable assets – your people. They will appreciate that acknowledgement, and return the favor through strong leadership, inspiring others and driving engagement.

Employee recognition
The benefits of recognition programs are simple: Show and tell your people you appreciate their work and efforts, and they will work even harder for you. Plus, the satisfaction that comes with being recognized for the contributions of your team is great for building a better and more engaging culture. Unfortunately, “Pulse of Talent” respondents noted that the majority of recognition programs aren’t effective enough, while many organizations don’t even offer them (Only 42% have access in Canada, 47% in the US.) To improve them, leadership needs to adapt their recognition programs to support what their people desire and what motivates them to do their best work.

Education and learning programs
How do people get better at their jobs and prepare for new opportunities? Through education and learning. Employers can appreciate the value of education and learning programs because of the results, and employees love them because it is an investment in them and their potential. Opportunities should challenge employees to improve, both in and out of the office. And those who succeed should be rewarded for their efforts. The indication that employers want their staff to improve and to expand their horizons is great for both retention and culture. 

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Lisa SterlingAs EVP and Chief People Officer for Ceridian, Lisa has a dual responsibility for Ceridian’s overall global people and HR strategies as well as overseeing the product vision and strategy for Dayforce Talent Management.

 Prior to joining Ceridian, Lisa served as a Partner and Technology Solutions Leader for Mercer’s Talent Solutions business.  Lisa also served in both a product and people strategist role at Ultimate Software as Head of People Engagement.  As a Partner at Kenexa – an IBM company – she led the design and deployment efforts of the organization’s performance, succession and career development solution.  She’s currently a Human Capital Executive Research Board Member and sought after speaker on various talent management topics.

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