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Does your organization need better employee learning techniques?

training3This seems pretty obvious once you stop for a minute and think about it, but you’d be surprised at how often it goes overlooked – the first step toward success in human capital management is teaching people how to be their best selves. You can’t just hire talented people and assume they will work out from day one – it takes a lot of effort to mold and develop your employees.

This leads us to an important question – what’s the best method for teaching your people? Traditionally, many companies have used a fairly rote technique that’s not unlike a grade school classroom – they round up their employees, sit them in a room and have a leadership figure lecture them on this topic or that one.

Some have had success with this approach. But is it really the best way to go? Or alternatively, is there a way for companies to incorporate modern technology, consider new-wave work strategies and accelerate the learning process?

Traditional methods are still king
While there’s a lot of buzz these days about new methods of showing employees the ropes, the old ways are still prevalent, according to HCM Essentials. Zach Lahey, an HCM research analyst for the Aberdeen Group, recently told the news source about his latest findings on this.

Lahey found that 80 percent of companies are still using instructor-led, classroom-based training to teach people. Meanwhile only 68 percent use an informal “learn by doing” approach, and only 65 percent have fully embraced mentoring and coaching.

Adapting to “the modern learner”
Of course, the elephant in the room is the fact that modern technology has the potential to transform the way we handle everything. Lahey told HCM Essentials that indeed, it should, as the old methods are losing their effectiveness.

“Traditional learning techniques may still be popular, but they don’t work that well for the modern learner,” Lahey argued. “Whether employees are constantly on their feet, such as in hospitals or retail, or they’re operating phones in customer service and support roles, or they’re on the go selling medical devices, they all share a common need for quick, digestible information.”

Classroom-based lectures are not quick and digestible. They may actually be a tremendous strain on people’s time and energy – and furthermore, it’s unclear whether the lectures are even sinking in.

New technology and a new approach
Fortunately, there are ways to improve corporate learning through better technology. Cloud-based learning solutions, mobile apps and dynamic performance management solutions are on the horizon. With them, companies are gaining the ability to accelerate and personalize the training process.

“Thankfully, there are significantly more effective resources available today that can better assist with employee knowledge and development,” Lahey explained. “In order to diagnose their employees’ individual needs, best-in-class companies are taking decisive actions to ensure that their employee knowledge initiatives are well planned.”

The same lecture isn’t necessarily going to work on everyone. What more employees really need is a high-tech solution that zooms in on their specific needs and caters to them. With the next generation in HCM technology, that’s what’s coming – so be ready for it.

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