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3 tips for tailoring recruiting to the talent

talent recruitingThe job market is growing more competitive, and employers that hope to win the battle for talent should begin tailoring their job descriptions and recruiting methods to the candidates. 

The market certainly favors job seekers, and it is up to human capital management and recruiting professionals to adapt to this new environment. After a long stretch of slow hiring, recent years have seen the job market heat up substantially. As time goes on, hiring is heating up even more. The best way to get an edge on the competition is to give people what they want. If they feel an application or recruiting process isn’t what they’re looking for, there’s a chance candidates will look elsewhere. It would be a shame to lose out on talent simply because you’re recruiting isn’t caught up to the times. 

In the contemporary hiring environment, there are a few things to keep in mind about recruiting. Incorporate these ideas into your recruiting process, and there’s a chance you’ll improve your advantage over the competition. 

More of a mobile experience
More people browse the internet with their mobile devices than with desktop computers, and recruiters have to integrate that preference into their job marketing. This means developing company content with responsive web design. Your homepage, career page and any other site that could be used to recruit talent should be capable of adapting to any screen, smartphone, tablet or desktop. There’s a strong probability job seekers will come across your company while browsing with their mobile devices, so make it easy for them to apply. 

Don’t be afraid to advertise everywhere
When people look for work, they cast their nets wide according to research from Careerbuilder. Through a survey of over 5,000 job seekers, the company found that people use an average of 16 different resources to help them find work. The more of these you take advantage of, the more likely interested individuals are to come across your company and apply. If you have to weed some resources out, try to stick to those that utilize responsive web design. 

Incorporate your culture
Job candidates are attracted to culture that aligns with their beliefs and lifestyles. If your company doesn’t wear its values on its sleeves, it may be less likely to attract talent. Instead, be sure to let your culture shine through in job descriptions and company webpages. This can mean interesting job titles, having a little fun with responsibilities and qualifications or giving examples of the interesting things that happen in the office. It may also help to note what sort of charitable causes the company engages in to illustrate its principles. 

Give job seekers what they want, and there’s a good chance interest in working for your company will increase. It’s a candidate’s market, and it’s time for employers to adapt. 

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