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#CeridianINSIGHTS Kick-Off: Ceridian’s DNA and Formula for Success

Despite the early hour, excitement and anticipation filled the room at #CerdianINSIGHTS as Ceridian Chairman and CEO David Ossip took the stage for the conference’s opening session. Attendees received a 360-degree view of Ceridian’s accomplishments and strategic priorities, with insights into where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Ossip kicked off the general session by highlighting Ceridian’s dedication to people – both internally and externally. This focus provides the groundwork for Ceridian’s vision to make work life better for both employees and customers.

Engagement as part of Ceridian’s DNA

Our late President Dave MacKay, who passed away unexpectedly this year, firmly believed that if companies look after their people, everything else will take care of itself. Recognizing MacKay’s legacy, Ossip highlighted how Ceridian has transformed its employee engagement levels over the past few years.

With real-time assessments of its employee engagement levels, Ceridian has created a work environment where employees are willing to go the extra mile in their jobs. This, in turn, has led to the development of great Ceridian products and the delivery of extraordinary customer service. Ossip noted that Ceridian’s understanding of the connection between engagement, product development and customer experience has differentiated it in the marketplace.

The Ceridian formula for success: Simplify, invest and grow

Building on the foundation of an engaged workforce, Ossip highlighted Ceridian’s three main business goals that drove its growth and success over the past year:


Over the past year, Ceridian has simplified products and services to match its strengths and business priorities. Ossip explained that Ceridian has narrowed its focus to three main products: Dayforce HCM, Core Payroll & Tax and Small Business Powerpay.

One of the results of this refined focus was a joint venture with WorkAngel that created a new LifeWorks employee engagement company. Launched on March 1, LifeWorks is the first company to offer a mobile-first employee engagement application that offers employee recognition, EAP, wellness and perks to 15 million active users.


Ceridian continually invests in its leadership. In his introduction of executives and senior leaders, Ossip highlighted the expertise in the company and how leaders are organizationally aligned to support customers, employees and overall growth.

In 2016, Ceridian leaders expanded the company’s reach in countries around the world through the creation of Dayforce Europe and the formation of a strategic partnership with Europe-based SD Worx. Ceridian now has coverage in more than 80 countries around the world (including partners) and is able to offer local responsiveness and domain expertise to customers in Europe and beyond.


Over the last year, Ceridian hasDayforce momentum INSIGHTS maintained its track record of tremendous growth. In particular, Ossip shared record sales numbers with INSIGHTS attendees, citing the application’s unbeatable usability and robust performance, particularly in the area of compliance.

He also unveiled and demonstrated a number of new or soon-to-be-released Dayforce features and capabilities that will further enhance the product, and most important, the customer experience.

  • Dayforce Activate: As a new method for implementation, customers can quickly self-configure Dayforce by following a guided implementation wizard.
  • Reimagined User Experience: HTML-powered employee, manager and administrator experiences including the complete integration of TeamRelate functionality.
  • Payroll 2.0: This innovation simplifies routine to-dos and makes running payroll faster by enabling customers to access and change data in real time within the HTML browser.
  • Dayforce Onboarding: enables organizations to manage onboarding needs for new hires, promotions and internal transboarding. Onboarding includes both tactical aspects of onboarding and cultural assimilation and engagement to enable new hires and employees.
  • Report Writer – Re-imagined user interface for finding, creating, and modifying reports to allow all users to generate reports more quickly and effectively
  • HCM Anywhere: Set for a future release, this enhancement will allow users to see the information that is stored in Dayforce within Microsoft Outlook.

Demonstrating Ceridian’s value of transparency, Ossip also took time to answer customer questions on product functionality and future enhancements.

Be sure to follow Ceridian’s blog for additional conference updates and an insider’s look at #CeridianINSIGHTS, and follow the conference hashtag on Twitter for real-time coverage!

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Rachel Anderson is an HCM and small business writer at Ceridian. She manages Ceridian’s monthly newsletter, CeridianVoice, which delivers insanely useful insights and resources. When she’s not working on the newsletter, Rachel is creating eBooks, infographics, SlideShare presentations and other content focused on making life easier for HR and business professionals. Rachel loves to travel, drink tea, snuggle up with a good book, and go on family adventures with her husband and two-year-old son.

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