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#CeridianINSIGHTS Offers Executive Tips for Thriving in the Changing World of HR

The intricacies of HR – from compliance to employee engagement to workforce management – do not make it easy to be an HR leader. To help ease this burden, Ceridian hosted an Executive Experience session at #CeridianINSIGHTS, offering attendees expert advice on how to survive and thrive in the ever-changing world of HR.

The future of work has arrived

The future of work is here, and it’s time for HR departments to adapt. Jason Averbook, leading HR analyst and thought leader, offered HR leaders new ways to approach talent management:

  1. The people: Without good people, your technology will fail – no matter how robust it is. Hire people that are a good fit; i.e. those who fill a skills gap and match the values of your organization.
  2. The data: Become a master data storyteller of the “why” behind your HR data. More important than predictive analytics is prescriptive analytics that use data to prescribe the next actions the business and its people should take.
  3. The experience: Design HR programs for your employees, not your leaders. Nurture ongoing engagement by offering HR programs that have intuitive, easy-to-use and seamless user experiences.

“The future is now, and the time to take action is now. Every time you delay action, you lose a bit of your competitive edge,” Averbook said.

Talent management: Finding, engaging and retaining employees

Ceridian’s Chief People Officer, Lisa Sterling, also provided leaders an insider’s look at Ceridian’s people management strategies. She emphasized the importance of ensuring that employees annually recommit themselves to the organization. “If you are not re-hiring your people every year, you are not doing your job as a leader,” Sterling said.

She went on to offer attendees eight tips for finding and keeping top performers:

  1. Foster an environment of open communication through genuine conversations about the company’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  2. Treat engagement as an ongoing initiative, not a one-time event. Gather real-time employee feedback to identify triggers of engagement and disengagement.
  3. Align your corporate values with your brand promise and help employees understand how they further these values.
  4. Measure employees’ adoption of company values by gathering feedback on the cultural pressures and conflicts that keep the values from feeling genuine.
  5. Build better teams with manager training on how to have regular engagement check-ins, ongoing performance conversations and career discussions with employees.
  6. Manage your employer brand through open conversations with employees about what it’s like to work for your organization.
  7. Make the workplace a fun place to be. Offer programs and events that make employees excited to come to work every day.
  8. Give back to the communities where your company operates. Designate a portion of your support to programs that employees and their families are involved in.

A transparent look at CeridianExecutive Experience

Living out its value of transparency, Ceridian executives participated in an open session that addressed attendees’ question and concerns. The panel of Ceridian leaders candidly answered questions on a number of topics, including top competitors, implementation challenges and the organization’s business priorities.

Throughout the afternoon session, current customers shared insights and lessons from their transition to Ceridian’s Dayforce product. Additionally, networking opportunities throughout the Executive Experience provided attendees the opportunity to learn from each other’s experience and wisdom.

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