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Balancing Summertime Fun and Productivity

By Anthony Kwan, Product Marketing Manager, Ceridian 

As we’re midway through summer, many of us have already taken well deserved time off to rest and relax. Whether you’ve booked that ideal vacation on the beach or just took time off to spend with your family and kids, the summer is a great time to break free from the daily grind. 

However, the summertime months can be a difficult period at work. During the dog days of summer, business tends to slow down. Many clients are now off on vacation. With kids out of school on summer vacation, employees that have children are often left juggling their work and home schedules. Additionally, during the summer months, employees are often more distracted with upcoming vacation plans and holidays. Let’s not forget about the humid summer weather. It too plays a factor. How often do you hear employees complain about how they can’t work or focus with the unbearable heat? Major events taking place all around the world also have an impact on employers and the workplace. With this year’s 2016 Euros, how many employees did you see watching live soccer games at their desk instead of doing actual work? And remember another major sporting event has arrived: the summer Olympics are here! With so many distractions, employers can definitely anticipate a spike in time off requests from their employees during the summer time period. Unfortunately, all these distractions essentially lead to a decline in work productivity. So what does an employer have to do to keep their employees’ productivity going during the summer months?

Here are three tips that employers can follow:

  1. Develop Flexible Working Conditions

Many employers like Ceridian understand it can be difficult to focus and be productive when there are so many summer distractions. To help employees, Ceridian has adopted and embraced a culture of work-life balance. Work hard, play hard, but get the job done right. One solution that Ceridian uses is providing employees with the opportunity to work from home whenever they need to. By working from home, employees are able to manage both home and work priorities during the summer months. The flexibility in working environments enables employees to manage their home schedule, yet remain focused on our work and maintain their productivity.

  1. Communicate With Your Employees

Employers should listen and understand the commitments employees have during the summer months. By listening to your employees and working together to develop a plan and a solution, you’re working together to proactively find ways to mitigate any problems before they start. You can also look at it this way: essentially you’re building trust and rapport by being transparent with each other. Transparency is a key element to success, but just remember that it’s a two-way street.

  1. Embrace Technology – Leverage it Whenever You Can

Today’s modern technology enables us to remain connected and productive wherever we are, even if you’re half way around the world. Employers need to take advantage of it and provide employees with the tools to remain productive. If you’re out of the office and need to connect, utilize tools such as webcams for meetings. Ceridian’s cloud-based HCM solution, Dayforce HCM, enables payroll administrators to submit payroll even if they’re out of the office, all they need to do is simply log into the application through the internet. You see, technology is all around us, it’s here to stay, so make the most out of it and embrace it. Allow your employees to succeed and remain productive with the help of today’s modern technology.

Anthony kwanAnthony Kwan is a Product Marketing Manager for Dayforce HCM. Based in Toronto, he has an extensive background in consultative sales and marketing. In his free time he enjoys spending time with family and friends and his an avid automobile enthusiast.

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