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What workers really want in the workplace

employee engagementThe backbone of any organization lies in the performance of its employees. HCM professionals are tasked with the responsibility of finding the most qualified and highly skilled candidates to fill the specific needs of a position. However, looking for top performers is only half the battle. Once the pool of talent is accessed, employers must ensure they are attracting the best applicants and doing an effective job at recruiting and retaining them. And the same goes for existing employees: High turnover rates can hurt a company. In addition to unnecessary recruitment-related expenses, it can also lead to lags in productivity.

This is why it is crucial that leaders today make sure they have a sound and comprehensive understanding of what job-seekers look for in an employers, as well as what makes staff feel happy, satisfied and engaged in the workplace. It is important to note, though, as the millennial generation continues to dominate the workforce,  that the benefits, perks and other factors that new age employees value may not be what managers are accustomed to with previous generations.

So what do employees want in the workplace?

So much research today highlights the importance of workers maintaining a healthy work-life balance. One of the most effective and cost-efficient ways for employers to provide this is by offering workers more workplace flexibility, such as summer hours, making their own schedules or being able to work from home. In research posted by Recruiter, it was found that 63 percent of millennial workers are more likely to be attracted to a business if they offer the option to telecommute.

A comfortable office
The physical environment of the workplace can have a powerful influence on the emotions and performance of employees. Open-space layouts can facilitate more collaboration and socializing, which is important considering, according to Recruiter, 50 percent of workers agreed that having strong relationships with colleagues can make them feel more satisfied in their roles.

Staples Business Advantage recently released a survey that showed an increasing number of workers are feeling stressed and overworked, CIO reported. The good news is that there are easy solutions employers can utilize to address this issue – any of which have to do with simply changing the environment of the office.

“Employees are happiest in a workplace that meets their needs and considers their well-being,” Staples Business Advantage Executive Vice President Neil Ringel explained to the source. “The Index found that employees are specifically looking for wellness programs, comfortable breakrooms with technology, fresh snacks and beverages to help them do their job efficiently, and a variety of spaces within the office for different types of work,” says Neil Ringel, executive vice president, Staples Business Advantage.

Trust and communication
In their efforts to give workers what they want, it is helpful for HCM professionals to remember that not all things that evoke feelings of satisfaction in staff members are tangible. A recent article by The Harvard Business review, explained that much of what contributes to employees’ happiness levels at work has to do with their relationships with their managers and the values of the business. It’s so important for workers to feel like they have trust and responsibility at work and, similarly, that they are employed by an organization that has strong values.

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