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4 qualities of job candidates with the right attitude

The success of any given company – its values, the way it operates, how the team interacts and more – starts with the sort of people that work for it.

The importance of hiring people based not just on their resumes, but on their personalities and tendencies, cannot be understated. There are three steps to building teams full of people who will contribute to overall success, according to Inc. These are:

  1. Interview for skills: At the start you want to find someone who can perform the job you’re hiring for. Be very clear about the experience required for the position, and the sort of responsibilities that come with it. This will ensure that, for the most part, only qualified people apply. This will make weeding out individuals with the right skillsets easier.
  2. Hire for attitude: While there may be a decent-sized crop of people with the right skills for the job, how many have the attitude you’re looking for? Hopefully everyone you interviewed had the right experience for the position, due to your perfect job description. Now you simply have to decide which person has the necessary personality.
  3. Keep for culture: You interviewed people with the right skills, you hired the one with the right attitude, now keep that person around for the contributions to culture.

The three steps to successful hiring place plenty of weight on looking for the person with the right attitude. But what, exactly, does this look like?

Constant questioning
People with the right attitude have plenty of questions, Entrepreneur explained. They thirst for knowledge and are willing to ask the right things to learn more about the company, the industry, a product or just about anything else. When most of the people at the company are asking questions, the varying perspectives can fuel new ideas.

Always working
What does a candidate’s drive look like? Try to hire people who are always willing to work harder to get the job done, Entrepreneur suggested. This sort of dedication comes through a true passion for the job. Look for people who love what they do, and are fully dedicated to working relentlessly.

Permeate with positivity
You want employees whose positive attitudes permeate the entire staff. Their go-getter attitudes should be infectious. This is essential because people who approach work with negativity are likely to spread that unwanted energy, according to Entrepreneur. This can be a drag on the company, while positivity can boost it.

Bigger and better thoughts
It is important to hire people who dream of bigger and better things, Entrepreneur noted. That doesn’t necessarily mean away from the company. Simply put, employees should have lofty goals for themselves and the company. With the right culture in place, your staff won’t want to be anywhere else and they will apply a dreamer state of mind to their work for the organization. Always target the big-thinkers when hiring new people.

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