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3 ways to give applicants what they want

applyThe job market is tilted in favor of the candidates, and employers have to give job seekers what they want when it comes to the application process.

For years there weren’t enough jobs for the labor force, but that trend has reversed and we’re in the midst of a fierce competition for talent. To that end, organizations have to adapt and that means tailoring the application process to job seekers’ desires. Employers that hope to improve culture have to start by hiring people that share a vision with the company. Scrapping with competitors for talent won’t give them the chance to do that. 

Instead, employers have to differentiate themselves from others in search of the same candidates. It is important to break through the static wall of job descriptions with personality and simplified processes. This is how, as a recruiter or hiring manager, you attract the sort of candidates you need to and build a foundation for a better culture. Improved applications will also improve the company’s reputation among future job seekers. 

Luckily, Careerbuilder surveyed workers and hiring professionals to determine what each are looking for from application procedures. Employers hoping to improve recruiting to attract more and better quality candidates can use information from the research to enhance applicant experiences. There are a few things they can do to both learn more about what people are looking for and give them a bit of what they want. 

Look for feedback
While surveys and polls can tell you a lot about what people want, the best way to learn this is to ask them. Dedicate a portion of each application to candidate feedback. Only 31 percent of hiring decision-makers said they had gone through their companies’ application process themselves. Too many employers don’t know what their own recruiting looks like. Find out by asking people what they think. 

Have a need for speed
Job applicants want to breeze through the process. Too often though, putting one’s name into the hat for a position is a lengthy and repetitive process. Around 20 percent of the Careerbuilder survey respondents said they wouldn’t fill out an application that would take over 20 minutes. In addition, 61 percent said they would move on to look for other opportunities in less than two weeks without a response. Each step of the recruitment process has to move quickly. 

Embrace technology
How do you speed up application processes and appeal to young job candidates? With tech-infused recruitment. The survey determined that most applicants, 64 percent, will look at a company’s website after coming across a job posting. And 10 percent of millennial candidates indicated they wouldn’t apply to a job if they couldn’t do it on their phones. Job seekers want dynamic and automated application processes. 

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