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Celebrate your payroll pros during National #PayrollWeek!

By Kristina Cleary, Chief Marketing Officer, Ceridian

Everyone loves getting paid, which is just one of the reasons why we at Ceridian are excited to celebrate National Payroll Week (September 5-9).

In case you haven’t heard of NPW before, this celebration led by the American Payroll Association kicks off each year on Labor Day, and gives companies the ideal opportunity to thank their payroll department for their amazing efforts to help ensure that paychecks are accurate and on time.

Employers have a lot to thank their payroll professionals for. They play a crucial role in ensuring critical processes of the organization run smooth and efficiently. In a way, the happiness of employees depends largely on the functions of the payroll professionals. Just imagine how many disgruntled workers you would be dealing with if payroll wasn’t operating correctly!

NPW is more than just a celebration; it is also a campaign to help workers better understand the payroll system, their compensation and benefits, and their paycheck documents in general. Obviously, this is a cause most organizations should be eager to get behind. But just in case you need further convincing, below are some of the reasons why you should celebrate National Payroll Week at your company – and a few suggestions on how you can go about it.

Give payroll pros the recognition they deserve
It’s no secret that today’s employees crave recognition – and giving them the attention and praise they have worked so hard for can have long-term payoffs (no pun intended). Again, these workers provide your organization with a lot of value and benefits, so it is never a bad idea to take the opportunity to acknowledge and thank them for their accomplishments. Doing so can make them feel more appreciated and, in turn, more satisfied and engaged in their roles.

Demonstrating your appreciation doesn’t have to be overly elaborate, either. Simply saying “thanks” can go a long way. But since we’re in the business of making the role of the payroll pro easier, at Ceridian, we get pretty elaborate with our celebrations. Fun at Work coordinators at each our offices have been planning our NPW celebrations for weeks! I wanted to share a few examples from them, that should help you in planning your own celebrations:

  • Decorate your payroll pros’ desks
  • Plan a NPW Kick-off Breakfast
  • Desk drop with a snack and thank you note
  • Organize a catered company lunch
  • Have a leader in your office send out personalized thank you notes
  • Organize a themed potluck
  • Spin the NPW Wheel for prizes (I am not exactly sure what this entails, but this is an activity from our Hawaii office, and it sounds fun!)
  • Ice Cream Truck day (also a perfect way to end Summer!)

National Payroll Week is the perfect time to demonstrate and recognize the value of your payroll professionals, as well as generate awareness and education about one of the most critical areas of your business.

To see how we’ll be celebrating National Payroll Week, follow Ceridian on Twitter, or check out the hashtag #CeridianNPW!

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Kristina Cleary, or KC as she’s known around the hallways of Ceridian’s offices, leads global marketing for Dayforce HCM, the award-winning, single application for human capital management, Global Solutions and Small Business Payroll. An avid runner, when KC isn’t chasing her two children, she’s out running from conference to client site talking about what’s happening in the HCM industry.

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