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How to communicate your company culture to candidates

If you take the time to read any industry blog or news site, you already know how important your corporate culture is.

However, after you establish what your company culture is, there is still the problem of presenting it to candidates. Your employees (hopefully) embody your culture. But how do you communicate it to those who have never worked for your organization or are curious about joining your company? When it comes to recruitment, it is important people are able to get a feel for the type of experiences they will have if they were to work for you – what their workdays would generally be like and the kind of environment they’d spend their week in. Put simply, before committing to your company, candidates want assurance that it is a good fit, an engaging and positive workplace.

However, research recently conducted by CareerBuilder showed that employers today are finding it difficult to communicate to candidates what they can expect working with them, HR Dive reported. And while this may be challenging, it is not impossible.

Optimize technology
CareerBuilder Chief HR Officer Rosemary Haefner explained to HR Dive that one of the most important areas for employers to focus, especially because it heavily influences candidates perception of organizations, is technology. Most job seekers now are very tech-savvy, so it is relatively easy for them to recognize whether your business is or not. Having an outdated website or no mobile optimization can be an indicator that the organization is stuck in the past. People want to work for companies that are innovative and forward-thinking, so it is essential your brand reflects an adaptive culture and strategy, especially online where most job seekers will first interact with your brand.

Communicate quickly, clearly, and honestly
Every interaction a candidate has with your organization contributes to their opinion of your brand. Waiting too long to respond to an applicant can really hurt any positive claims you make about the culture. An employer who takes weeks to get back to a potential candidate indicates that the company may be disorganized, unprofessional or, at the very least, poor at communicating.

Another area where you can present your corporate culture is in the wording of your content on social media, job posts, and company website. All communications across every platform and channel should be consistent and align with the brand’s voice. Showcase your personality, humanize the brand and talk about the culture. As eSkill highlighted, there are certain bits of information you should include in job postings to help communicate culture, such as:

  • Company mission statement and values
  • Descriptions of what is encouraged, such as collaboration and teamwork
  • List of qualities the ideal candidate has

Show, don’t just tell
Don’t think candidates are just going to take your word for what the corporate culture is like. Prove it. There are a handful of ways to do this. For example, make sure the physical environment of the workplace reflects the brand’s personality. If you say the organization values collaboration and encourages a healthy balance between work and play, a potential hire is more likely to believe you if they see your office has an open space floor plan and a lounge area where employees can take comfortable breaks or play games. And while they may be able to see this themselves when they come in for an interview, it would be helpful to post pictures of your office online.  Make sure to include your employees in your recruitment marketing initiatives.  Your employees are powerful brand advocates and prospective job seekers really want to hear about their experiences working at your company!

At the end of the day, all efforts to present your company culture to potential hires will be ineffective if they aren’t authentic. When you make building a strong culture an integral part of your organization and business strategy, it will shine organically through all aspects of your branding and marketing, making it difficult for candidates to ignore.

Moe New Grad PhotoMaurice Fernandes is the Manager of Employment Brand & Social Media at Ceridian and is responsible for developing and promoting Ceridian’s employment brand across various social media channels, events, and campus recruitment activities across North America.

 Maurice is passionate about building best in class talent attraction strategies, HR technologies, recruitment marketing, employment branding, and social media. Maurice has had the privilege of speaking about recruitment topics at numerous conferences, and through media outlets such as the Globe and Mail, Maclean’s, the Canadian HR Reporter, and Post Media. You can follow or connect with Maurice on Twitter @MoeRecruits.

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