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2 reasons why it’s important to give back at work

About to get a pie in the face for charity!

By Kelly Allder, VP of HR Programs, Ceridian

Fall is slowly making its way into our lives.  The temperature has dropped, baseball wild-card conversations have begun, my neighbors’ front doors are decorated with colorful wreaths, and Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations have appeared in Wal-Mart and Michaels Craft Stores.  All of a sudden my flip flops seem out of place.

This time of year also brings Ceridian’s Annual Fundraising Campaigns – in support of our own Ceridian Cares charity in Canada and the United Way in the US.

At Ceridian, we have always believed in doing more, giving back and making a difference.  Each year, we host annual fundraising campaigns throughout our offices to raise money for those in need, but the campaigns are so much more.

Here’s a shortlist of some of the fundraising activities our offices recently hosted:

  • Inter-office Soccer Match
  • Meat Draw and Pub Night
  • Candygram Day – send sweets and sweet messages to colleagues
  • Executive Water Balloons Toss – employees aim to soak our Executive Leaders
  • Pie in the Face – self explanatory
  • Subway Lunch, Sandwich Bar, Potluck Lunch, Summer BBQ’s – because events with food are always a success!

So as a business, why are these fundraising events so important for our people? Here are two main reasons that speak to me.

Creating a community

Our fundraising events are about bringing people together for a higher purpose, and connecting with one another.  Sure, the soccer match might see the odd elbow to the ribs or a scraped up knee from a slide tackle but afterwards, players share a beverage and a few laughs and make memories.  They come together.

When I see the post-event photos, with those smiling faces of my colleagues,I know that these events are genuine, authentic experiences where people have fun.

Making lasting connections

As our businesses continues to grow and change, we must give our employees a chance to blow off steam, take a break, laugh and come together.

People need people – to live and work successfully.  By attending company-sponsored social events, community-based activities, and fun gatherings with food and drink, I’m able to connect with my colleagues on a personal level, learn about more than just their Excel skills or status of Project XYZ.

That’s why social events are so critical.  Humans are the workers.  People contribute to organizational success.

As Executive Director of Ceridian Cares, I see the incredible difference our grants make in the lives of families everywhere.  Check out the stories and video testimonials to see for yourself.  But I also see the difference that charitable giving and associated social activities can have on the Donors – our employees.  And that’s pretty wonderful, too.

Kelly AllderKelly Allder is an experienced human resources consultant and dynamic facilitator.  As Vice President of HR Programs, Kelly is responsible for HR technology and HR programs that help enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and collaboration of employees and managers.

Kelly is also Executive Director of Ceridian Cares, Ceridian’s very own charity, where she oversees the daily operations and national committees that give grants to people in need.

Kelly holds an MBA from Schulich School of Business at York University, and she drives a MINI Cooper.  Kelly has four children, all of whom can fit into her car, plus 1 hockey bag. Follow Kelly on Twitter @kallder04!

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